Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's a Fragical World


"The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls." ~Elizabeth Cady Stanton


How unfortunate that
My place in this world
Had me dulling
The points of my stars

So careful, I was
To cover my words
To wrap them in gauze
So they wouldn't come undone

An undying concern
To unfurl only feathers
Downy and soft
From my tongue

Yet, they're only my breath
My lulling, white winds
Soul-flowing thoughts
From within

Unstung and fragile
Like delicate moth wings
Pinned as a brooch
Against lace over skin.

© Sherri Brannon

The pressure to edit ourselves, to hide our flaws, to not reveal our vulnerabilities...this is the world we live in. We exist in a world of walls, both real and self-imposed, that conceal and separate...when all we really want is to be understood, to be be connected.

The computer is the most tech savvy wall I've ever provides a means of exposing ourselves and connecting, while still hiding behind the safety of a screen. It's a virtual security blanket. It allows us to temporarily peek from behind our curtain, to remove our public masks for just a moment and reveal our true selves...while the wall remains intact. Why such fear of exposure? And believe me, I'm as guilty as anyone else. This blog gives me courage I don't have in real-life, face-to-face situations.

Contrary to our culture's popular opinion, I feel that flaws are beautiful...they make us real and approachable. Exposing our fragilities can have a magical effect because others relate and no longer feel alone. I'm able to do this best with my poetry. While thinking about this idea, that exposing our fragility can have a magical effect in connecting with others, I accidentally said the word "fragical" out loud. I created a new word! Being real with others about our flaws truly is fragical because it bonds us together.

Just my contemplative thoughts on a Thursday...and yep, I talk out loud to myself...often. lol

My feather image is my submission for Photo Art Friday...the theme is "minimalist". I don't know if this is minimalist enough, but it's what I came up with. Minimalist is challenging for me! I tend to go the other way and want to add lots of "stuff". I used Bonnie's "Mother Love" texture at Soft Light/37%. I also used Gradient Map (black to white) at Normal/57%, and the cutout effect at Normal/48%. As always, there were a few tweaks in Radlab.

Photo Art Friday


  1. I love that quote, I love your poem and your words!! So true, so profound...flaws are beautiful, we all have them and they make us who we are. Something I pondered this summer while searching for some barn charm was that we don't hesitate to find charm and beauty in a run down, paint peeling barn, but we have a hard time finding that within ourselves let alone others. I'm glad your blog gives you courage to share, because I'm always so blessed when I visit here. So much authenticity!! xo

  2. What beautiful words! And yes how it much easier to show up here on the screen than in person. Like you I continue to push myself into the world and show up. Thank you for sharing your words.

  3. Utterly, utterly captivating... both image and words!
    Before I read your words, I saw 'fragical' as a combo of fragile and fractal... I know, not entirely logical, but instinctive!
    True words to ponder - about the beauty of flaws and how reticent we are about accepting them in ourselves... thank you!

  4. Fragical is a great word . . . I will remember it. The power of the image is intensified when combined with your poetic words. Great work!

  5. Such a beautiful image and post.

  6. Wonderful quote..with the perfect photo to accompany :)

  7. This is all WONDERFUL,!!!! Another of your posts to print up and treasure. Beautiful words to go with this amazing feather

  8. This is so true Sherri... editing ourselves seem to be the norm. The desire to attain perfection is turning us into wax dolls...

  9. So beautifully written Sherri. Don't worry I talk out loud to myself all the time, it helps me to remember things.

  10. This is so nice picture.

  11. Exquisite image paired with such impactful, important thoughts, Sherri. Perhaps we can find our way to use both ends of a (our) feather - each when and where appropriate.

  12. I definitely show a different self on my blog sometimes than I do to, say, my family. Nothing drastic. Just a different side to me.

    And you always pick the the most amazing things out in nature, Sherri.

  13. new words and BEautimous arrangements of words next to one another, over top one another, winding through one another... all of this is divine simplicity, Sherri.

    the feather speaks to me in words I canNOT translate. deliciously essential and processed to see it as you DO.

    sometimes I feel so much of what you've eloquently shared in this post. and what I love about that, especially here, in this gathering place, is that I feel it evaporates.

    I have removed myself from those places where I felt myself hiding or that what I was seeing was NOT what I thought... I thought that was a "big deal" until after when I noticed a lightness in my heart.

    I so enJOY your poeming and the ways you let your words and images dance, reflecting each other's divinity.

  14. Your piece is fabulous. I love the texture you used with the feather. Such an insightful post. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and poetry very much.

  15. Your photo is gorgeous, I love the editing and overlay. Your words also are gorgeous--"dulling the points of my stars"--what an image!

  16. Earlier this afternoon I was stalked by a particularly nasty migraine. Be it the soothing thought of a father carried on a warm breeze, or simply the calming colors and soft tones you painted with, but I can’t help but see the relief felt the moment the pain dissipated mirrored in your picture.

  17. It IS actually very tough to tell the truth and anybody who even get close to it should be celebarted!

  18. So beautiful - all of it. The feather..your poem..and your thoughts on how we choose what parts and pieces to show of ourselves. So true...

  19. Great post, I´ve enjoyed your text in particular, this phrase, "exposing our fragility can have a magical effect in connecting with others". And I do love that new word: fragical, how wonderful!. The photo is fantastic

  20. Your poem spoke right to my heart Sherri! I love the word 'fragical' :) I kept nodding my head as I read your post. I feel like having a conversation over a cup of coffee with you on this matter... Maybe someday :)