Friday, August 31, 2012

Thorns in Rows


Today is Five Fact Friday over at the Reflections of You blog. I thought I'd participate - please go on over and check out this lovely blog (and add your Five Facts)! I've been feeling very introspective these last couple of weeks - there is lots going on in my life and I tend to go further inward during these times. My brain is mush and focusing has been a struggle. I know I'll snap out of it - it's just one of those things I must sit with till it passes. All is well, by the way - just real life unfolding and the constant reality of dealing with change that we all go through.

1. The older I get, the more I understand that we have no control over life. This is a hard lesson...the only thing we can control is how we react. As someone who wants to be in control, accepting this is one of my biggest challenges!

2. I am the poster child for introversion...I have a rich, inner world and I spend a lot of time in

3. I must write poetry. I've tried to stop but the words keep coming, usually at the worst possible time. The more stressed I am, the more poetry I write. The poem below is one I wrote about our life's journey and trying to understand it all - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

4. I find taking self-portraits very difficult. I'm trying to get more comfortable with it, which is why I'm posting this Instagram photo. I find I can post a photo of myself if it's artistically distorted enough that you can barely recognize I'm working on it!

5. I love my friends and family so much. Life deals us all some hard blows, and there's no escaping that. I wish I could protect everyone from these blows, but it's impossible. I feel grateful for each day I get to spend with the beautiful people in my life. Can you tell I'm in a very contemplative mood this week? :)


A rippled seam of birds
Skims silently across the sky
Fleecy clouds are tinted rose
And the sun begins its slide
Into the horizon
My thoughts, like the birds,
Turn silk-winged with
Instinct and flutter

Oh, the fickleness of ego
The disguising of self
To avoid exposure
The constancy of my soul
The pure intentions waiting there
The dread of a coffin lid
The eagerness of my spirit
The empathy in my heart, its
Thorns stacked neatly in rows

Tears stain my learning face
And the words begin to leap
Free falling off my tongue
Let down the nets into the water
Before they drown, unknown
Rescue my truths expelled
While my body quietly quakes
With a spiritual vertigo
While the mile off moon
Smiles knowingly, and glows

And the moths seek
Like gypsies, as dusk
Gilds the twilight, exhaling
With a soft and holy calm
Its breaths of revelation
Unguessed by my eyes, my
Ears worn and dulled to its
Softer and purer tones.

©Sherri Brannon

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. oh Sherri....... i can feel your emotion in this post...... beautiful poetry..... sigh... beautiful you....
    I have been saying this to many friends this last week I found myself in the dark..... and it was not good...... so I must say this to you.... try to stay in the light.... you are meant to be there....

    big love...xo, Kim

  2. Sherri,

    What a powerful post! Your poem really resonates with me, so full of truth.

    Don't ever stop writing your poems. You have a gift.

    Sending you peace...

  3. Your post made me teary . . . I hope things work out . . . stay strong. I love your poetry - you should make some art with it . . .

  4. Sherri wonderful.. am awed by your poetry ...I hope all will be well I to have periods of introspection and congratulations on being strong enough not only to put into words but to share it with us....

  5. What a beautiful poem, Sherri! :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your poetry is absolutely beautiful - always an inspiration. And - I love your five facts. As I read thru them - I thought these could be me!!!

  7. Blessings to you. Thanks for being part of our group.

  8. I think your poetry is your therapy. Self portraits get better the more you do them :) I prefer to shoot parts of me instead of face straight on.

  9. Beautiful post & fantastic poem! I loved your five facts. Introverts are fascinating people once you're allowed in their world. I know a few myself. ;)

  10. I could just see myself sitting there seeing what you see. Love it. I need to stop more and just get in touch with that inside part more since I actually live there so much. Thanks Sherri. Like your picture, it's very cool. I've just become more comfortable with doing self portraits but they are mostly silly ones.

  11. what a wonderful post! great portrait and a beautiful poetry! you're so talented.

  12. I love the self portrait and beautiful post.

  13. amen to number one and number four. i spent 18 days making self portraits in august and found it changed how i see myself in the mirror. i love yours.

  14. Sherri, thank you for sharing your words, poems, and 5 facts with us. I hope this week brings you joy and at the same time, though, more poems!

  15. Hi Sherri,
    I love your poems so much, they resonate deeply within me. I've had a bit of a rough week too and I notice that I have a strange connection with the moon. Not always but sometimes it brings out a lot of stuff that is too raw and too real.
    Yes, with time I am also learning slowly how to be in control of myself and really understand that it is really my choice in how I react to situations that are outside my control. It's tough but ultimately empowering.
    You are beautiful, I love the warmth and honesty of your face. I feel like we are old friends :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  16. Love your Five-Fact Friday Sherri, and this poem is beautiful!

  17. Sherri,
    I can so relate to the negative vibe I get from my self portraits. Maybe distortion is the answer! Great post. p.s. we also selected the same template for our blog backgrounds!