Friday, August 3, 2012

Invite Them In


This being human is a guest house. Every morning is a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor…welcome and entertain them all. Treat each guest honorably. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. ~Rumi

Rumi has my heart...what an understanding of the human experience he had. My poetry is the outlet for all of my "guests", especially the more difficult ones...but still, I respect what they have to say and I allow them all to speak. They each have lessons to offer. For this week's Photo Art Friday, we were to center our image around a door. I had fun creating this one! I started with a photo I took in Warrenton, VA of a field. I added the door and the silhouette by using separate layers. I also attempted to add a shadow behind the door by using a soft, black brush at 30% (also created on a separate layer). I used Bonnie's "Golden Bokeh" texture at Pin Light/100%. Please click on the button below for more great photo art images!


I am grateful
For my shadow self,
Who notices burnished
Light on morning trees.

She hears pungent colors,
Sees swirling sounds, and
Leaks asymmetrical thoughts
Through my pen.

She lives raw inside my heart,
An organic neverland, and
Helps keeps me sane
In a flat, generic world…
I love her.

©Sherri Brannon

Photo Art Friday


  1. Ah ... your poem melts my heart. Those words are healing words of self-acceptance and love.

    And your image!!! Well - a perfect marriage with your inspired words and a lovely work of art. Thank you for sharing your process. The shadow behind the door adds so much. Love your use of the texture too. Thanks for sharing with PAF, Sherri.

  2. I'm not sure which I like best...
    your photo creation or your heart-felt poem.
    Both are excellent.

  3. that is truly genius! I love it! So creative and so artistic. just wonderful!

  4. I was so intrigued by the "thumbnail" that I just had to check this out. I was not disappointed. Your piece is wonderful and your poetry as well. It was a pleasure to read and see your work.

  5. I love this poem and your poetry, in general. The image is beautiful and perfectly accompanies the poem.

  6. Fantastic artistic and beautiful work, with wonderful words!

  7. Rumi is one of my beloveds :)

    Sherri, the photo, the poem and Rumi all in one post. So so much to drink in here, so much to relate to and open to. We're all travelers through doorways, aren't we, and more often than not we have no idea what is waiting on the other side for us.

  8. Love the quote, LOVE the photo and love and adore your words. Once again, it's a pleasure to visit and see what you come up with. This edit is so fabulous in so many ways and your words . . . sigh!! xo

  9. Wonderful words and a very impactful photograph. I just love it.

  10. There is SO much to look at and think about in this piece—--nicely put together!

  11. Beautiful soft, warm image. You might like to contribute to my Mandarin Orange Monday :)

  12. Beautiful, Sherri. Have you heard of Liz Lamoreux's class called Poem it Out? You might like it.

  13. Fabulous image and I love your poem.

  14. I love the creativity that went into this image! And it fits so well with the inspiring words that you quoted from Rumi. Your poem full of strength and feeling and originality. I definitely feel enriched for having visited here this evening.

  15. Oh my goodness! Another one of your amazing poems. My journal is getting full of these and I love them and your thoughts. I think you would love Liz Lamoreux and her Poem it Out. She also has a great book out that you might like called Inner Excavation. Love your art work here too. Also wanted to tell you to check this blog in Iphone art. You will love it!
    iART CHRONiCLES I just posted the button on my blog. Great info on it!

  16. The study and unfolding of self, yet still in shadow form. You are evolving in ways most will never understand ... but your understanding is clear as you speak to it in your poetry. Congratulations on your gift ...

    Anrea @ From the Sol

  17. Sherri the poem so great and your photography work so good...