Monday, April 23, 2012

Thoughts on a Monday

EDITED: I'm participating in Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class, and shortly after posting the words below this morning, I checked our Monday lesson. Our assignment was to post an image that is symbolic of "brave". I gotta say, when I read the lesson I felt like my "lonely post" was perfect for the exercise. Honestly, I hesitated a lot this morning before posting about my lonely day. As a very private person, it's hard for me to show my makes me feel vulnerable and that's a feeling I tend to avoid. When I was typing up my words, I didn't know if I'd have the courage to hit the post button and let others see that I have days where I don't feel 100%. I felt a bit queasy, about sharing both my post and my poetry (which always reveals my most vulnerable thoughts). But I'm glad I was brave - it's not much, but for this introvert it's quite a lot. And my image, to me, is very symbolic of that part of me that doesn't always have it together...that part of me that sometimes struggles.


I'm a very solitary person, and 95% of the time I'm completely content and happy with my alone time. But every once in awhile, I wake up on a gray morning and my "solitary" turns to "lonely". Has that ever happened to you? I'm having one of those days today and, yep, it's a dreary and cold day outside (the two seem to be connected). Being a loner works well for me creatively, and I do think this is exactly how God wanted me to be. But sometimes I spend too much time alone, and that's when I get an internal mood reminder to get out there and reconnect. Message received, universe...and meanwhile, I have to say that I'm so grateful for my online friends and readers of my blog. Your "company" is deeply appreciated each day! The photo is one I took of a statue in Warrenton, VA, and fits my mood today. I love statues...there's something so incredibly beautiful, yet sad, about them. It's as if they've been frozen in time, while life carries on all around them. And that's sometimes how loneliness feels, don't you think?



In quiet contemplation
A statue stands frozen
A human facade
In endless repose
An eternal monument
Beside a garden, as
The sweet cadence of rain
Fluid and fleeting
Pours down on her

And the statue yearns
While life breathes on
Around her:
Ruffling invisibly across
Perched and feathered wings
In a solitary gust
Quivering on a silent deer
Fearful and delicate, so
Shy in the woods
Tumbling wet across
The blue-gray stones
Of a river

And the statue aches
As her loneliness
Stirs the air
Thirsting to dip her hand
In those cool waters
For just one taste
But her cold, hard fingers
Are set in stone and
She's forever alone
Stuck inside her head
As the river rises and foams
The clouds' curtains spread
And the sunset casts kindly
On her eyes.

© Sherri Brannon



  1. Hey Sherri, I know totally what you mean. I too enjoy my alone time. Actually, I prefer it that way quite often. But sometimes...ya just need friends around :). Gray and miserable here today too. This too shall pass, just like the doldrums. But in the meantime, gotta tell ya...beautiful photo. I like how the ornamental grasses frame it on the one side.

  2. Hi Sherri - Hooray for you for hitting that post button! I LOVE your poem and your photo is awesome! I, too, like my alone time. But I'm sure glad you decided to share this with us!

  3. You did a great job on this photo.....beautiful....I agree with you quiet time is wonderful and I need it for my sanity......

  4. Beautiful! Good job, Sherri! Thanks for being brave!

  5. sherri this is just beautiful, and it is such a gift to be transparent when you are feeling "not your best". You never know when you are going to be able to "connect" with just the person that needs your message so much. Love your poetry and your shot! Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  6. Wow...I have struggled with my own NEED for solitude and a more solitary life. I have lost friends over this. And yet, I am growing into embracing this unique part of myself. I enjoy people...but get peopled out. My career is totally engaged with others...I adore it...but then I need to disconnect. It often means I can seem like I am "friendless," but those who embrace me, get me. Being with people, "friends," who don't get true loneliness. It takes courage to be authentic and who you truly are...just as you have described here so eloquently with this fantastic photograph and accompanying poem. One of my favorite books: A Party of One by Anneli Rufus...

  7. Beautiful Sherri! Both the picture and the poem. I'm glad you had the courage to hit the publish button. I need a lot of alone time too. Being around people a lot tires me out.

  8. Hi Sherri, thank you for sharing and making me feel not so alone in my solitude. I, too, spend a lot of time alone which I usually don't mind. But sometimes there is a calling in me to seek out the company of others.

    1. Well done for sharing this, it has real resonance with me too as a fellow solitary person. :) Love your photo and your poem is just beautiful, so expressive.

  9. Love your poem. I am also pretty comfortable with myself but I do love people and after a few days of "work" i seek out my friends.
    You were very brave to put it out there but sometimes that is also freeing.
    Your work is lovely.

  10. Beautiful post, and I too fall into that "alone" time. I can spend several days in a row not emerging from the house, just being with me and my constant companion, Toby. And then I find myself needing that human connection and once again emerge. I think artists, ie photographers, writers relish that alone time, it's needed for that creativity.

  11. It's a wonder moment when one realizes the difference between being alone and being lonely. Love your image.

  12. it seems, having been in the beyond layers course, that many of us creative types...enjoy our alone time. sometimes it's not even doing anything creative...but just sitting on the back porch in my rocker. i enjoyed meeting you here. in this place of kindred spirits.