Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts are simple, transportation, grain, stitch, and bubble.

1. Simple. One lone rhododendron bud...simple, but beautiful.

2. Transportation. I got creative with this one...I captured this shot of a jet fuel streak in the sky and thought it was so pretty. It does involve some sort of transportation, right?
jet fuel streak

3. Grain. I decided to interpret this literally rather than "photographically"...

4. Stitch. I'm not a sewer at all...the only thing I could think of that involved any sort of stitching I've done was this pin I made years back, when crazy quilting and silk embroidery was all the rage. I did have a machine back then, and used it to sew these tie scraps together. I then stitched the rose and leaves with silk ribbon (and added a few beads). I'm glad I still had it for this prompt!
stitched heart

5. Bubble. Trying to capture bubble shots all alone, with a bubble wand in one hand and a point-and-shoot camera in the other, is pretty comical. I'm glad no one had a video camera nearby...needless to say, the only successful shot I got was of one bubble that landed and didn't pop. It sat still long enough for me to snap a picture. It's there, I promise - you may have to squint to see it! :)


  1. Your simple shot and bubble shot is really beautiful!
    GREat WorK!!

  2. Haha, your bubble description is 100% accurate in describing MY bubble experience when I tried that last summer. But YOUR result is much better tan mine was :)

  3. Love your photos and the bubble shot is really good but I have to say my favourite is the heart, it's a beautiful heart. Suzy x

  4. Creative take on transportation - love it.

  5. That rhododendron bud is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Love the composition and light in your grain shot.

  7. I really love your grain shot. great comp.

  8. These are all great, but I love that Rhododendron! How lovely!

  9. love your selections!

  10. Sherri, this is a really lovely set. The dof in simple is really nice, the selective focus on grain is great (I too took this prompt literally rather than photogenically, though I prefer your photo to mine). My favorite is bubble, I love the colors - added in post processing? The bubble itself is subtle, and I love it for that. The contrast between a delicate bubble and those sharp looking rocks is a nice add.