Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturnine Child


How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against it’s being, otherwise we all remain too frightened. ~Hafiz

I love the above quote by Hafiz. Isn't it so true that fear can take over lives, preventing us from doing amazing things? I have fought against this my whole life, and unfortunately fear has won out too many times. Especially in my younger years, I often found myself living a fear-based life...letting my fear of trying something new stop me in my tracks. This was especially true in the creative side of things...I would stop myself on a creative path when the feelings of fear and insecurity took over. Was I any good? How dare I think I could actually be successful at this? And I would stop. The only thing that brought me was regret. My spirit became diminished and sad. As I got older, it finally clicked that I needed to nourish this part of myself, no matter what. I needed to silence that voice in my head telling me I wouldn't succeed. And I needed to even question what success was. Most of all, I needed to comfort that "sad little girl" inside of me and help her believe she could do whatever she set her mind to, and that she should go easy on herself. Poetry helped me write about these fearful times...I could write the fear out; express it, so that it lost some of its power. It was therapeutic and releasing. I wish everyone knew how satisfying poetry can's truly a creative outlet, just like visual art is. To turn pain into something rhythmic and beautiful on's freeing. Today, I feel like that rose up there...slowly blooming, comforted by the light inside me that tells me, through the fear, that I can. And that light? It's my sad little girl, transformed, and now offering me encouragement when my steps falter.


Sad little girl
Inside my gray mind
Your memories float
In a colorless sky
Play with my yearnings
Toss wildly my fears
Dig up what lies buried
With no thought as to why
Your melanoid eyes
So hauntingly clear
Brim over and leak
With your mercury tears

Your heart beats with mine
The ache of it breathes
In the depths of my soul
Where the loneliness seeps
I drown in your sorrows
As you tenderly weep
I fade into your thoughts
They ashen my dreams
Stay leaden inside
My saturnine child
We’ll both disconnect
While our hands intertwine

Come here, little girl,
Why are you so lost?
Such serious thoughts
Your exuberance gone
Seep slate through my eyes
Hide deep in my bones
Seek solace in marrow
And wander through veins
Let’s bow our heads low
And cry grieving tears
To mourn your sad life
Trapped inside all these years.

© Sherri Brannon



  1. Sherri
    That was wonderful I had tears in my eyes, you are writing so eloquently exactly how I feel. The lost, "I'm not worth it nobody wants me least of all see my little efforts", you know what I mean... It's crippling isn't it ? It makes me feel so much better to see I'm not alone and, in fact how many of us there are out there. keep on doing it you are awesome and, I'm glad I'm not the only one with notebook addiction lol x
    Viv x

  2. Oh Sherri, this speaks to my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I have in the last 5-7 years started giving myself permission and I can't help think that getting older has something to do with that. My mind likes to talk me out of things and when I can get around that voice and do it spontaneously, it's a good thing. But there are too many days that I don't get around it before it becomes too loud. Your poetry is just so beautiful and I'm so grateful that you share it with us!! xo

  3. Your photos and poetry are lovely! Keep doing what you are doing and don't listen to that little voice inside that says you can't succeed.

  4. Eh, that was decent.

    I'm KIDDING!!! :) Thought I'd throw you a change-up. Gotta keep you on your toes.

    And I loved the paragraph above the poem. So raw and honest. So relatable. So human.

    Also, I learned a new word today: saturnine. Thanks!

  5. Wonderfully written. Thanks for writing about something that is deep inside me as well. I still struggle with the "it's not good enough" feeling so often, or I give up because I think I can't do it right. But there is no right or wrong, only your personal best. Mainly it is having the courage to get back up and keep trying, I am working on that :)

  6. Sherri this is so beautiful, and almost feels as if it was me you were writing about. So wonderful that you are able to write this in such a beautiful way! Love your rose also!!

  7. Great shots of your beautiful Rose!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  8. Thank you for expressing such a crippling emotion so eloquently. I'm thankful to have found your blog. There is so much rich and poignant here. I'll be stopping by frequently.

  9. Your writing is lovely - so filled with emotion. Your photos rock! And the birds on your header - so cool!

  10. Sherri, your posts are always on an elevated level, higher yet deeper, too. And always enriching. I'm so glad you are nurturing your creative self as everyone is the beneficiary.

    This is so beautiful.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. what a beautiful capture and provoking thoughts!

  12. What a beautiful piece both the photography and the writing. Keep positive thoughts and brush away that doubt, you have beautiful talent.

  13. Sherri, this photograph is stunning. The colors are so bold.

  14. Re looking at this Sherri, and wonder if you have ever read the Power Of Now? I have just been re reading this recently with my new health problems, trying to cope with this. I have loved reading about the "pain body" in us all, identifying it, and how to deal with it. Guess we all have "inner baggage" to deal with, and guess the purpose of life is like "school" to learn the things we need to learn by the end. That book has lots in good thoughts on this stuff in it . Your poetry and writing is so meaningful, and such an awesome way of achieving growth. Hugs from Texas

  15. So gorgeous Sherri! I just love how you captured the rose with raindrops.

  16. Oh Sherri - your poem here brought tears to my eyes. I - too - have felt that fear..and allowed it to crush me and my creative spirit. So happy for you that you've found your 'voice'.

  17. What a thought provoking and personal post. I too have that scared little girl inside of me that I'm constantly trying to nourish. I believe it will be a never-ending job...but one I"m willing and NEED to take on. I never would have guessed you have some of the same feelings. Which must be doing a good job :)

  18. That is a great quote! I'll have to put that in my stash of faves. I so admire the gift of poetry and wish I had it. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing with Flower Art Friday!

  19. I can definitely relate. I dreamed my whole life that I would go to art school but ended up not going for various reasons (now I'm studying biology). When I thought I would have to "give up" my artistic endeavors, I became angry and depressed. I ended up not doing any artistic activities (whether it be journaling, sketching...etc) for the first two years of my college, and I felt like a piece of myself was missing. I've only begun to start working again with art and I am so glad that I have retouched my artistic side again.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.