Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Memory Field

field 2

On one side was the forest in all its complex depth and verdancy,
 on the other side stretched the field, a wild field full of emptiness, where memory was hidden among the grasses, each day of the past moving
 like small winds there among the tall grasses. ~Patricia Fargnoli, lines from “Then” in Then, Something

What is it about an open field? Witnessing that vast space before my eyes seems to uncoil my tangled thoughts and unlock my heart's chambers. My lungs expand hungrily, breathing in all that fresh and uncluttered air. I love the quote above, how it compares the forest to the complexities of our mind and the field to that wild, open space where our memories can roam. Memories are either beautiful or bittersweet, depending on which one shows up...but, I treasure all of them because they're proof of this intricate life I'm feeling my way through. Memories are like spiritual photographs...heart-stored, snapshot moments that you can't physically touch, but you can exquisitely feel. I'm grateful for every memory, even the ones that left scars. That's where the wisdom and growth comes in.

This is my photo submission for Texture Tuesday - Kim asked that we use two of her textures this week. I used "elevate" (Soft Light/26%) and "reverie" (Soft Light/43%). I love the bright, sun-kissed look of this. It's dreamy, yet hazy at the same time...kind of like memories, don't you think?

Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher. - Maya Watson



  1. Gorgeous image, love your texture work. And I love your description of memories as spiritual photographs - so beautifully put.

  2. ...each day of the past moving
 like small winds there among the tall grasses.

    Wow. I love that. Thanks for sharing! When I see an open field like that, I think of the stories it could tell.

  3. So very dreamy...I want to lie down in the field and watch the clouds:)

  4. Beautiful capture Sherri and your processing highlights the gentle, soothing and mystical qualities of the meadow...

  5. I just love that quote and your pondering words, and I do love being in an open space. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this photo of the field and will never look at a field like this again with out thinking of this quote. Lovely Sherri!

  7. This is so peaceful Sherri. I love what you did with it. I feel like running into it and into the vastness of this field. It has this aged look to it, but without trying to much to look like an old photo as some we see nowadays.

  8. Beautiful post, and such a wonderful photograph to go with it!