Thursday, July 19, 2012



For this week's Photo Art Friday, we were to create an image where "light" is the highlight. I chose this image I took at Hilton Head while out on a photography walk. It was afternoon, but I could clearly see the moon through the trees. The actual photo has much less of an impact than the altered one I created in PSE...I was able to make it look like it was night time. I love how the moonlight glows and reflects off the trees! I used Bonnie's "Age It" texture at Color Burn/52%. I also put it through Radlab several times to warm it, sharpen it, etc.

I have a poem to share, biggest inspiration when writing is nature. Nature is so symbolic to life, don't you think? I'm always finding the parallels between the two in my poetry. I often feel like the moon...some days I feel strong and more courageous about "exposing" myself; other days, I feel more vulnerable and want to hide myself away to stay safe and protected. Do you ever feel like this? How do you handle your vulnerable days? I realize not everyone stays home and writes poetry like I :)

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Words spark and flare,
Carving a crack, glowing
Under my breastbone
Illuminating my soul thoughts
Their points of pain and their
Rounds of love, and I wonder
If they'll be revealed, just
As the moon wonders if the
Clouds will expose her tonight.
She turns away her lunar face
Hiding her luminous thoughts,
Those glowing words like maps
Across her surface, parts of
Them leaking gingerly across
The curve of a swan's neck
Gliding on a distant lake.

Some nights the moon hides
With the stars, while others
She makes her presence known
Setting tree tips aglow
Revealing their secrets
While the birds with no names
Turn silent and sleep songless
In the branches.
Some nights my words hesitate
While others they gleam, just
Like the moon shines across
A shy mare in a midnight field,
Her nostrils flaring, her
Hooves restless and stomping
From all she yearns to say.

© Sherri Brannon

Original image:

Photo Art Friday


  1. Love it. It is so dark and mysterious. Valerie

  2. Your work brings me to tears Sherri! Love this and how awesome is your photo that you changed from day to night!

  3. You 'say' so much with both words and images. What a fantastic transformation of a photograph into a work of art Sherri! You did 'set the tree tips aglow' and it is such a lovely effect among so many others in this image. Thank you for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday, Sherri.

  4. beautiful edit and poem. Cheers

  5. looking fantastic; love the changes

  6. This has a rich fairytale feeling to it. The texture makes it seem like a tapestry woven with fine metallic threads.

  7. What a fabulous transformation. It's just wonderful as was your lovely writing.

  8. I am amazed at what you were able to do with this photograph. Beautifully done and your poetry fits it perfectly. You are in harmony with life and nature, a blessing to be sure. I am following you and look forward to future works by you. Thank you ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  9. a most effective edit and those colours are some of my faves'

  10. beautiful!
    I have a connection with the moon too, sometimes I notice that my moods are governed by its waxing and waning! Strange.
    I cry a lot when I am vulnerable.. big sobbing tears, I prefer to do it in solitude and I always feel better after that.

  11. I love how you've manipulated and changed your picture. It's quite stunning. I love photographing the moon. Nice job, and thank you for sharing.

  12. Well done and I like the vision of the swan with the moon..

  13. utterly BEautimous!!! really an amazing transformation!! and your poem... exquisite!!

  14. Sherri, you got a photo and transformed it in a piece of art.

  15. Beautiful edit! I just love the richness of the colours.

  16. Beautiful post, Sherri! How wonderful that you have the gift of expressing yourself with words. We all have vulnerable days. My instinct is definitely to retreat and seek to be alone during those times. Thanks so much for sharing.