Thursday, May 10, 2012

Root Bound

Flower with horizon

The horizon might be as old as the soul itself—or even older—and as enduring. And, like the soul, it always lures us further into our own lives and into the great mystery of life itself. The horizon is an edge, a spirit edge. It does and does not exist. Or, more accurately, it does not exist in ordinary reality, for we can never reach it or touch it or stand there. Horizons keep moving away, challenging us to go further. ~from The Celtic Way of Seeing by Frank MacEowen

My poetic muse has returned to me full-force lately...I'm not sure why, but that's why there's been a flurry of poetry on my blog. I stopped writing for a long time when I first started my photography last year, but now the poems are coming again. I've been scribbling in my word journal and re-working poems like crazy. So, this week's Photo Art Friday came about because of the poem I wrote below, and also the quote above by Frank MacEowen about horizons (Bonnie's suggested prompt). I absolutely love the idea of a horizon being a "spirit edge". What a wonderful way of thinking about it! I wanted to try creating an image with a transparent flower that somehow showed a horizon. Change is hard, growth is hard...yet our souls, like flowers, continue to grow and bloom no matter what the elements are. They are always that silent whisper inside of us, encouraging us to push forward, to endure, to learn, to evolve. For this image I used two of my own photos - a macro white flower, and an image of the beach at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I also used Bonnie's "Dream Wonder" texture at Multiply/50%. Since my image is of a flower, I'm also linking up to Leanne's Flower Art Friday. Click on the buttons below to visit and see other lovely photo art!


My aging body is root bound
Too small to contain
The growth my soul has made
She has overtaken my insides
Her pure roots invading
My ribs' open cages
Shooting like streamers
Through the empty spaces
Poking through curved bone
With her questionings

Startled, I clasp my chest
To grasp at a sprouting tendril
To caress a delicate petal
But I come up against skin
Knuckles raking against
The whorls of growth within
My pulse lies cocooned amidst her
Thick and tangled tenderness
My earthly breath is rich
With her soundless karma
And in the air around me
I exhale her silken perfume.

© Sherri Brannon

Photo Art Friday


  1. What an inspiring, evocative post Sherri! Your artwork is creative and so pretty. Love your words about your spirit pushing beyond the bounds of your body!!

    That quote by Frank MacEowen really opens up the symbolism of a horizon. I have to return and read it again. I wonder if we are related - my maiden name is MacEwan...

    Thanks for sharing your many talents with us at PAF, Sherri.

  2. I like the "spirit edge" idea, too. Very thought-provoking. Love your image, too!

  3. So pretty, both the image and the poem

  4. Thank you so much Sherri for visiting my small weather diary, and for your kind words.

    What a sunny place you have here!

    Have a calm weekend, full of colors.

  5. Your picture and poem are lovely. I am always envious of people who can write nice words.

  6. The colors in your photo drew me in and your writing kept me here. Your writing is really special....well your photos are too! Happy Friday!

  7. That's amazing Sherri, I love the quote, your image is beautifully balanced and your poem says 'Mother Earth' to me, nurturing, sound and true :)

  8. stamen are like mermaids in the water.

  9. wonderful texture for a beautiful flower :)

  10. The first: Texture looks wonderful. I like your style very much. Lovely flower and horizone :)

  11. Oh this is stunning, beautiful in every way! I love your interpretation for the horizon and the flower that you added. I see sybolism in the white, being pure, and I think horizons being every changing gives them a kind of purity because they are not just standing still.....oh I need to get my journal out, all kinds of things are swirling in my head. Thank you for sharing this and your poetry!

  12. My poetic muse has returned to me full-force lately...I'm not sure why

    Well, some of us have been wishing really hard :)

    If I don't make it back by before Sunday, I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  13. I don't know which I like more, the photo art or the poem.
    Both excellent; each speaks to me.
    Thank you.

  14. your image is beautiful and the quote really speaks to me as does your writing

  15. Wonderful poem and image too! Don't you just love it when your muse is full strength!

  16. Wow! Very thought provoking post, interesting and enlightening. Your photo is stunning as well. I am in awe of those who write poetry.

  17. Underbart det du skriver till din bild.Ha en bra helg.

  18. both beautiful, the photo and the poem!

  19. Thanks for linking up with Flower Art Friday and I'm so in awe of your ability to write poetry. I love poetry, but creating it is a talent I do not have. Love your image, and the texture suits it so well. I also enjoyed your creative take on the theme of "horizon." Have a great weekend!

  20. Sherri, your poem spoke to me in the deepest level... I have been a gipsy by nature and I think growing roots takes courage. It takes the courage to face the imperfections, the problems, the storms.

  21. The photo and the poem are beautiful!

  22. What a lovely composite image! Your poem is beautifully crafted.

  23. i love your way of thinking...i will sit with the "spirit edge" for a while this morning...LOVE it.

  24. Very cool photo. Love the poem as well,

  25. Sherry, this is a beautiful post -- all of it -- the quote, the exquisite edit with the flower and beach, and the lovely poem. Great that you're writing again and thanks for sharing.

  26. I find poetry to be like that . . . it doesn't come on demand, but at different times it just flows out of me like a babbling brook. Wonderful cohesion of words and image.