Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camera Apps are Awesome

I love my iphone and all the wonderful camera apps I can's becoming addicting! Just this morning I was excited to discover a new feature on Instagram I didn't know about. If you click on the "tear drop" at the top of the Instagram screen, you can choose either the circle or the rectangle and it will pinpoint an area that you can move around (or enlarge) with your finger(s). Whatever is outside of the circle or rectangle becomes very blurry, and whatever is inside remains in sharp focus. It's awesome! Here's an example:

iphone hydrangea

Also, I discovered another new app called "Picfx", which costs $1.99. It has filters and textures, etc., but its best feature is the "Light" section. There are bokehs, including a couple of heart ones! I took the photo below of my Ruby (using my iphone) and then brought it into Picfx from my camera roll. I used Picfx to make it black and white and add the heart bokeh. I then saved it and put it straight into Instagram (Picfx lets you do that)...once there, I used the teardrop/blur feature and added one more Instagram filter to lighten the photo. I love how this came out!

iphone corgi

There are so many wonderful apps out there! I think I need to start pacing myself...


  1. Ruby is so darling. I am also so addicted to my phone camera... I will check out the app you talk about, especially because you can use it in conjunction with Instagram.

  2. How cool is this.... and thanks for sharing this Sherri. Going to my Iphone right now to add Picfx. Looks like lots of fun,and i did not know about the "teardrop". Looking forward to trying this out, and think your photos are really fun. Bet you are getting excited that your vacation is coming up soon. Have a great time!

  3. Guess who just added Picfx to her iPhone? Me! Thanks for sharing!