Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Visit

recipe box

I'm working on some photo prompts this week, and one led me to my Grandma's recipe box that was given to me after she passed away. I hadn't looked at her recipes in awhile; in fact, the last time I did I felt her presence so deeply I wrote a poem about it (which I'll post below for those of you who'd like to read it). Anyway, seeing her familiar handwriting always brings back the happy moments spent in her house, in her cozy kitchen, enjoying all the wonderful meals she prepared for us when we'd visit. I vividly remember the aroma of the delicious food cooking and the loving care behind every dish. I still miss her deeply...what a wonderful human being she was, and I feel her presence so strongly when I see these recipes. Isn't it amazing how a small object in your hands can bring back such powerful memories and emotions? Grandma B., I miss you. This is my submission for This or That Thursday (button at the bottom of this post).


A shaky scrawl
On a recipe card
A moment in time
From the depths
Of my heart
And it hits me hard
She’s been gone
For so very long

A sting of tears
A tender comfort
There's an angel
On my shoulder
Visiting again
Stirring up lost love
A warm touch
Where none was

A moment’s rest
While I ache
From this crack
In my heart
But her visit
Softens my face
Comfort in this place
And the tears, they
Silently flow.

© Sherri Brannon


  1. What a gorgeous picture! What wonderful memories, too!

  2. What a lovely keepsake you have got. You picture and your poem and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it today.

  3. Sherrie, this is just beautiful!
    I still have my Grandma's old recipe box, and it looks very much like yours.
    I keep it tucked away, and get it out just to look at it every once in awhile.
    I feel very fortunate to have it.

  4. What a lovely tribute to Grandma B. Nice that you have her recipes as a constant reminder of your love for her. :)

  5. What a nice reminder you have of Grandma B and what a beautiful tribute to her. The poem is lovely. I am Grandma Barb or Grandma B to my grandkids but I doubt any of them will write a poem about me. I have 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Well maybe someday she will.
    I looked around your blog and love your pictures. Do you edit them with Photoshop? I have Photo Elements but really don't know how to use it yet.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and you nice comment on my Teton Mountains and fence post. I am a new followers

  6. That recipe box is an absolute treasure!

  7. This is so sweet. Such a beautiful poem. I miss my grandfather like you miss your grandmother.

  8. What a beautiful post...Grandmother's are so special and important. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming and nostalgic post.Brings back memories of my Grandma.

  10. This is beautiful!! Such a wonderful tribute and testament to your grandmother!!!

  11. Nice to see your words are still gorgeous :) I can imagine what those mean to you.