Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am Not I

October sky

Four thousand volumes of metaphysics will not teach us what the soul is. ~Voltaire

Life, for me, is remembering that I am a spiritual being inside my physical body. My soul, though invisible and untouchable, is the most solid thing I have to hang on to in this harsh world. It is eternally present...it can't be seen, but it is felt deep down at the molecular level. Its quiet voice always tells me the honest truth, even when I don't want to hear it. It never leaves me, even as life, at times, knocks me to my knees. In the darkest hours, in the most joyful moments, in every moment, it is with me, giving me strength to carry on. It is I. And it's through my soul's eyes that I write my poems - she notices those "simple things" and I capture them with my camera, happy for her company, while she patiently wanders and waits for my words to come.

This is a poem I've been working on for several weeks...I'm linking up today with Kim's Texture Tuesday, and she asks us to talk about what life is to us. For my image, taken in Sperryville, Va last week, I used Kim's "peony" texture at Multiply/20%. Click on the button below to visit her blog and participate.

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Twilight's curtains
draw closed, revealing
their starry fabric.
A hint of heaven hides
on their reverse side
as my gypsy soul wanders,
barefoot and searching,
walking lightly,
feeling deeply,
sifting the moonlight
with her yearning sieve,
gathering up
its gold stars
to jingle as charms
on her bracelet.

She thinks about
the luminance of love,
the opacity of loss,
the nectar of flowers,
the hinges on doors
never opened, and
her soft heart tries
again and again to
penetrate the universe.
My unwritten poems are
inside her, soul-tended
and spinning, as she
notices simple things: the
rusting leaves, the purpling
skies, the rotting and
bruising of October.

© Sherri Brannon 2013

I am not I.
I am this one
Walking beside me whom I do not see,
Whom at times I manage to visit,
And whom at other times I forget;
The one who remains silent when I talk,
The one who forgives, sweet, when I hate,
The one who takes a walk where I am not,
The one who will remain standing when I die.
~Juan Ramón Jiménez



  1. Oh how I love your poetry, it sings to my heart Sherri! xo

  2. Lovely poem Sherri. I admire writers as it is not a strength of mine!

  3. Quite lovely and thoughtful Sherry, like Linda said I really admire anyone who can write.

  4. This one is so beautiful and charming:)

  5. Gorgeous. What a beautiful soul yours is.

  6. Beautiful words and image- wow!

  7. SHERRI this is such a beautiful and deep poem. I just love it! I was at the book store the other day looking at books of poems, and there was nothing there that compares to your writing. Know that this poem was meaningful to Kim who is going through such a difficult time in her llife.

  8. I love how your poetry carries me away.

  9. Sherri, I guess that's the most important life lesson... to know there is so much more to life than the physical world... to remember what's really valuable... hard one to remember for some reason...

  10. I have been reading more poetry lately and admiring the lyricism that it lends itself to. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed, Sherri.

  11. Incredible, Sherri. Thank goodness you are in the world and sharing your beautiful and poignant vision with all of us. This is a poem to cherish and revisit.

  12. Sherri,

    A most beautiful image has been reflected back through your words. Your soul sings to you and your sharing has made my day much more enjoyable for considering this poem.
    It is great to think of our souls working to move the spirit of writing and of image:)

  13. hey you were just north of me....smiles....i like the gathering of stars as a bracelet....that last stanza, giving texture to loss and to love...and all the other things....revelling in the simple...its a beautiful thing....and your intial thoughts as well to our spiritual nature, i so agree...smiles.

  14. How beautiful! Every poet has a gypsy inside them. Maybe it's our intimate connection to the world around us that enables us to look deeper and spin out poems.

  15. Twilight's curtains
    draw closed, revealing
    their starry fabric.

    so beautiful lines.loved it.

  16. Sheri, your words really made me sit up and take notice. They resonate deeply with me and with all I believe. Thank you for a glorious poem this Sunday morning. I just clicked "follow" :)

  17. The time spent on this really worth it... Yea, each line is as valuable as the whole piece...