Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iphoneography: PaintFX and iColorama S

iphone pitcher final results

Two camera apps I'm really enjoying with my mobile photography are Paint FX and iColorama S. Paint FX allows you to add filters, textures, and effects to only parts of your image if you so desire - with just a touch of your finger on the screen. It costs $1.99. iColorama S is one my favorite apps and I use it almost every day. It allows you to get very creative with your photos. There are many different filters and artistic effects that you can use with just a tap of your finger, and each option offers opacity sliders so you can reduce the effect to your liking. There's still a lot I'm learning about this app as I go. It also costs $1.99. I thought I'd share a phone image I processed using these two apps.

1) I started out with a very plain photo I took of a pitcher that I situated on top of a large piece of white watercolor paper (first photo below).

2) I put the image into Paint FX and chose one of their web texture offerings - it was a warm, neutral tan color. Using my finger, I added in the texture only to the background (second photo below)...it took a few minutes, but the zoom feature is wonderful and allowed me to carefully fill in the areas (and there's also an erase tool so that I could remove any texture that accidentally overlapped onto my pitcher).

3) I moved my image into iColorama S. I went to Colors and chose "Enhance", and then I went to Adjust and played with the "Saturation" sliders until I was happy. I went to Styles and chose "Painterly", Option 3, and used the opacity slider to adjust it to my liking. I chose option #6 in the Glass section (under FX Effects). I adjusted the opacity slider way down until the glass shapes were small but still added visual interest to my image. This option is what gives the "lacy floral" effect.

4) I also added a border to this image, but unfortunately I don't remember which app I used...I forgot to make a note of that (oops). The final step was moving it into Instagram, where I chose the Mayfair filter because it added a little extra pop.

I was thrilled when this photo was chosen by Paint FX as one of their photos of the week - it made my day! And there you have it - another iphone creation. I'll have more to share next week when I talk about another new app I'm loving: Percolator. Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like to follow me, I'm sherribrannon on Instagram.


  1. I loved this the first time I saw it, I love it even more seeing it bigger - I do hope you are going to put this on a canvas, it is gorgeous!!

  2. I love what Paint FX did. I will have to check that one out.

  3. This is very cool looking! You are my main person convincing me to buy all of these apps. Aren't they great!

  4. Fantastic! and congrats on the fx pick - well deserved!

  5. Hi Sherri, both photos are just fabulous - Thank you for sharing your tips in the apps ... I'll check these out! Oh I feel like I'm procrastinating when I could use hours trying the different apps ... Am I getting hooked on iphonology?! It's relaxing and there's endless possibilities :)
    Congratulations on being featured on the Paint FX - you're so creative and your art needs to be seen!

  6. Congratulations on the feature Sherri :) Beautiful photographs.. thanks for the recipe too. I've been pondering on whether to purchase the vintique app recently. Oh and the percolator one too.. love your photos using that app!