Thursday, February 21, 2013

Every Poem is a Word-Soaked Petal


This week's Photo Art Friday theme is "connect/connection". I chose a photo I took last fall of some flowers in my neighbor's yard. I used Bonnie's new free texture "Scratched Lens", which is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are beautiful and I will use this one often. I blended it twice - once at Saturation/100% and again at Darken/100%. I then used Poster Edges/47% on just the flowers to make them stand out a little better (using a reverse layer mask). Several swipes through Radlab, and I was happy with how it looked. The original flowers are beautiful, but I like the end results of my playing, and the lovely white and soft colors that I ended up with.

My connection to both poetry and mother nature is a powerful thing in my life...nature is present in every poem I write. Poetry is truly is filled with soul. It's the key ingredient, like sunshine is to a flower. And like a flower, it grows from a rooted and deep place...the emotions of it are like delicate and fragile petals. It needs tending to thrive...harsh elements like brain and ego will cause it to shrivel and die.


You find me here
One single flower
Under towering trees
Memories tossing me
Like the wind

I bow to the earth
That gives me life
From seed, to sprout,
To rooted thoughts
Unfolding safely

And every poem is a
Word-soaked petal
Blooming silky soft
A scented soul thought
Flowing smoothly
From the stem.

© Sherri Brannon

Original photo:

Photo Art Friday


  1. So beautiful Sherri! Great photo, great processing, and of course, your poem is something that I will reflect on and enjoy. What can i say about that awesome way with words that you have!!! Still waiting on that book!

  2. Love what you did with this Sherri. It has a fairy tale quality to it. Lovely poem.

  3. What an amazing edit.....the original was pretty but your processing changed it into gorgeous......

    I so admire that you write poetry. I do not have this gift and appreciate reading the words of's definitely a heart thing....

    I don't know if you know this or not, but I tagged you can read more on my blog.....

  4. Oh wow Sherri, I love your edit on this! I wouldn't have had any idea that the flowers weren't white to begin with. It has such a great feel to it, like I want to reach out and touch them. Another fabulous poem and thoughts as well! xo

  5. Incredible processing Sherri. You've created a fabulous piece of art and many looking at it wouldn't even guess it started as a photo.

  6. And poetry is undeniably present in your images, too... So beautiful! And thanks for the processing tips - I love trying out new things; or even old things in new ways!

  7. Magical Sherri- I love your image and the post processing. And hurray for all Bonnies lovely textures and prompts.

  8. Great Photo of your flowers..Every shade of color is crisp - and yet soft! I could look at this photo image a loooonnnnggggg time!!

  9. Word~soaked petal ... Scented soul tought ... I kept reading those lines over and over again - you create images and beautiful flow of thoughts by your poems, Sherri, such a gift! Thank you for these lines ... I'll keep coming back to them ( and look forward of reading more..)

  10. Love what you did with that photo and what a magnificent poem! You truly have a mighty gift.

  11. This is a beautifully processed image Sherri, and your words as always are wonderful too :)

  12. your words,
    "Memories tossing me
    Like the wind"
    I canNOT BEgin to tell you how deeply they touch me today...
    your photo and the magic you've done with it, gorgeous.
    your words...
    oh my.
    BEautimous barely BEgins to describe my response.

  13. Great photo, great processing, beautiful words too

  14. This a fabulous. The editing is wonderful.

  15. Wonderful photo..well done!! The color shifts and the atmosphere created is fantastic.

  16. This is lovely. So soft and etherial.

  17. Wonderful edit of the photo! And the poetry is beyond superb. I will absolutely add it to my collection of thoughts!

  18. your photos are alwasys so magical, so different, so soulful... I can't describe it but they always make me stop and look more closely and just breath them in. You've got such a great eye and talent!

  19. Wonderful :)
    Have nice day.

  20. Oh it is so wonderful Cherri - I love the little detail with the flower above - it's a bit darker - and what you did for editing too. Yes Bonnie's textures are so lovely all of them - You are a great EDITOR .. you might like to visit my place as well??..
    "Your Own Edit" [your photo is your canvas] ?
    Thank you for sharing

  21. I love what you've done to this picture. It is unbelievably beautiful. Your poem is perfect beside it..

  22. What a beautiful transformation, I love it.

  23. Breathtaking image and lovely poem!

  24. Fabulous image! Brilliant use of poster edges for an amazing effect. Also, I just love that line:Every poem is a word-soaked petal. It sticks with me...

  25. Absolutely beautiful - all of it. Brilliant!!!

  26. Gorgeous.

    And the flowers are pretty, too.

  27. Incredible. Really. The image is gorgeous and your words are always sublime.

  28. Beautiful image Sherri! I love how the flowers pop out at you, it gave me this beautiful 3D feel. Also, the background texture is gorgeous with the shades of blue.