Friday, November 9, 2012

Pieces of Her Heart

Sperryville, VA
Sperryville, VA
Sperryville, VA
Sperryville, VA
mountain view

I'm linking up today to the Reflection of You blog with their weekly prompt "5 on Friday", which simply put is to post 5 of whatever floats your boat...what could be better than that? Since I have so many fall photos I thought I'd post some more - there are too many to count this year and I hate the thought that so many of them won't be shared. So here are five more autumnal country landscape images I've captured in the last couple of weeks. There's something so serene and calming about this set of country fields and sloping hills...something melancholy, too, which might be more my own mood as I say goodbye to fall. The bare trees are a reminder that the bleak winter is approaching...they always remind me of majestic, maternal beings standing strong while also mourning the loss of their "little ones", those beautiful vibrant leaves that have decided to let go and take their own journey. I'm sharing a poem below I wrote about this. I hope everyone has a great weekend - thanks for stopping by!


As autumn swells with meaning
Unfolding its languid spell
The tree unloads her glory
Flaming leaf souls falling
Cascading in a tremulous light
Glowing with tangy innocence
Coming undone against earth's skin
While bees drift in a quiet vigil
Fading with the summer
Like a comforting dream
Coming to an end

And the tree fasts over them
Her ribcage heavy with wish rings
A majestic mother fretting
For her beloved children
Her bone structure revealed
By the gaunt, gray smile of winter
Cradling them with care
Soothing them in the shuffling wind
Yearning to save these pieces of her heart
Her bare limbs praying skywards
Beseeching, ragged in the ripe air.

© Sherri Brannon


  1. Beautiful photos Sherri and a wonderful poem.

  2. Glorious photos and incredible poetry!

  3. That first photo is absolutely gorgeous! They are all beautiful as is your poem, but the first one just spoke to me.

  4. Beautiful photos - I think a perfect time of year for taking them! And I adore your poem too!

  5. Wonderful photos, Sherri, beautiful autumn colors !
    And what a lovely poem !
    Nice weekend,

  6. LOVE THEM! Gorgeous photos! Fabulous 5 on Friday!

  7. beautiful fall scenes and so glad to read more of your poetry!

  8. wow Sherri i love the fall hues on these photos. They are beautiful.

  9. Such a powerful poem , once again! Love your shots and they have such an autumnal cast to them. beautifully processed! always love your work Sherri

  10. Such beautiful photos. And beautiful words. xo

  11. Very beautiful photos and lovely words...thank you for sharing them.

  12. Wow! You've captured the essence of fall in all of these! Just stunning.

  13. WOW! That third one jumped out at me. Wow, beautiful rainbow of vibrant colors.

  14. Yes, I am Renae at simple sequins. Just changed my site/pics slightly. see ya.

  15. My favorite image is the first one. I really like the broken fence running through the stream. I love your fall pictures both here and on Instagram. Not too much color here in SF.
    As always I love your poetry. I love the mother reference. It's beautiful!

  16. Beautiful set of images and I love your poem.

  17. Cool poetry and I love your photos. How about adding a 'follow me by email' to your blog? I'd follow you.