Thursday, November 1, 2012

Golden Song

red leaves

I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
Alive with closed eyes
to dash against darkness.
~E.E. Cummings

I love fall so much...the crisp weather, the glorious's my favorite season for photo taking and I am in awe at the beauty of it every year. But alongside the joy, there is an unspoken sense of dread at what's coming...winter. It's my least favorite season because I hate the cold temperatures and the barren landscape, which suits my mood during these months. I always fight with the winter blues, so the months of January through March creep by at a slow, gray crawl (December is so busy it takes care of itself!). I have to try hard to stay positive and happy, so it becomes more important than ever to eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep... and also to keep myself occupied with creative things! So, while I can in October and November, I drink in the vivid landscape and soak up the vibrant colors outside my door.

This is my submission for Photo Art Friday...I played with a photo of some brilliant red leaves on a fence. I used Bonnie's "Cobblestone Road" texture at Color Burn/97%. I also used her "Oh the Joy" texture at Darken/84%. Using a reverse layer mask, I added an old fabric texture for the background (Darken/75%) and also used Gradient Map, white to black, at Color Burn/59%. I finished by putting it through Radlab several times to tweak the tones, etc.


Autumn sings its golden song
From trees stained with
The dyes of flames
Dappled sun shines crisp
Atop leaping fires
Threaded through leafy veins

Swollen memories wait
On the underbellies
Of every turning leaf
Poignant and keen
Pensive and gold
Singing to me fervidly

And then I watch
As the leaves begin to fall
Swirling at my feet
Careworn fragments
Etched with fading lyrics
From a brilliant refrain

In that moment I pray
For silent strength
Laying my hand across
A heart that remembers
Everything is turning while
Spring is faint and far away

Distant birds swoop
Over bleak hills that sigh
At the sadness of it all
The wind moans and
Branches sag with the weight
Of winter in the air.

© Sherri Brannon

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Photo Art Friday


  1. Sherri I love the depth of this red, and of course your poem is awesome. It will be so great in your new book. LOL Always love your work

  2. Wow Sherri! This is incredibly beautiful!

  3. this is wonderful piece, Sherri! Fall is amazing, indeed.I do love it,as well, although it makes me a little melancholic!

  4. What a beautiful combination! I was immediately drawn to the piece in the thumbnail!

  5. what a stunning image you have created~!!~ those deep intense colors are beautiful and the light is wonderful as well. ~WOW~

    i know just how you feel as i have the same problems throughout the winter. it can be really hard to 'keep your chin up' but i think appreciating the fall season completely while it is here is a good way to go into the winter armed with color on your mind/brain.

    wishing you well

  6. My first reaction to this image was also an instant WOW, Sherri. It's arresting and beautiful. As is your elegant poem to the season. I agree about the winter months. They are challenging for me to even pretend to enjoy. Which makes me not so receptive to autumn's beauty as I know it is very fleeting in the face of inevitable winter.

    As always, visiting here is a special treat. So very glad that you are safe and weathered the storm.


  7. Both poem and picture are beautiful Sherri.

  8. A beautiful image and the poem is quite beautiful too :)

  9. Amazing and Beautiful. So was your poetry. You are so creative.
    My mom suffers from Winter Blues too. I don't like winter but I get through it without the blahs.

  10. All of this is just so heartfelt, Sherri. I think we all find passages that are especially hard on us. You are wise to soak in the wonder of fall. And wise, too, to speak what it is that is true for you. I have always found that remarkably helpful, sharing "out loud" and without apology.

    Your poem has a depth and wonder that touches my heart. Your photo art is stunning and quite provocative. I feel privileged to BE let inside your precious soul in this way.

  11. I need to figure out how to do all this!! This piece is amazing. I love ee cummings. You are also a very good writer.

  12. Beautiful image! I love all texture in the background.

  13. Your work is so professional - a joy to view - a lush tribute to the colours you will miss during the winter months. You have created so many outlets for your feelings, I'm sure they will help you 'weather' the winter. :)

  14. Your photo art is beautiful! I was born in the land of cholla cactus, creosote and palm trees and like you I love Autumn but I love the beauty of a snowfall. It is a time to rest the body and the soul but in between maybe shovel snow too...Lol!