Friday, March 30, 2012

Follow the Leader


The last couple of Photo Art Friday prompts have reminded me immediately of poems I've written. From there, I've found myself creating my photo art based on the words in my poem. For those who like poetry, I've posted it below. I took this image for Bonnie's "path" prompt at our community lake. There's a beautiful path that leads down to the water, and I was happy to be there with my camera this past week. I added an old manuscript image at Exclusion/100%, and used Bonnie's "Smokin" texture at Soft Light/100%. I also added a heart bokeh layer at Pin Light/100% and finished it off in Radlab. Have a wonderful weekend!


I tiptoe through the woods as
If everything is sleeping
Afraid of breaking a twig
Of strewing fallen leaves
Perhaps I should stomp
Amongst these holy trees
With my dreaming feet
To awaken the life that abounds
To hear the wings and the cries
Startling everything to fly
But I continue walking softly
Head down, without a sound
Amidst trees grown so thick
I hum their murmurous wisdom

Despite the narrowing hours
I don't think I'll turn back
Things are moving in these woods
Through both my heart
And the fine-veined leaves
I'll walk deeper down the path
Leaving traces of me
Snagged on the branches
Truths and imaginings
Failings and self-questionings
Placed by feel with my fingers
Rough from the handling of them
Hung there raw and sweet-scented
Against the bark, insuring
My soul can trail me in the dark.

© Sherri Brannon 2011

Photo Art Friday


  1. This is a beautiful digital collage; you have really mastered the technique...

  2. You are so great at your Photo Art Friday creations!

  3. Nicely done! I like the collage and experimenting with so many layers.

  4. Beautiful poetry and a magical image!

  5. Looks great - a lot of folks are using RedLab - I will check that out.

  6. Wow what a wonderful piece of art. I bet the trail is quite lovely. My favorite part of your piece is the wonderful heart bokeh, I really adds to the magic of the piece. - Great poetry as well.

  7. Gorgeous image and edit AND your words are perfect!!

  8. So much talent Sherri!! That poem holds so much meaning we can all relate to and your image looks like it should be on a greeting card. Thank you for sharing your work with PAF.

  9. fantastic PhotoArt . . . and thank you for sharing your poem!

  10. mystical, magical and mysterious
    Stay inspired!

  11. Your Photo Art Friday images are all so wonderful and creative..and I love that you're pairing your poetry with them.!

  12. The colors are so complimentary. I like your heart bokeh too.