Monday, March 26, 2012

Gentle Evening

Dogwood at dusk

As our weekend came to a close last night, the rain had finally stopped and I peeked outside to see an incredible sky. I grabbed my camera and ran for the front door! For the next ten minutes, I was walking up and down our street taking shots of the sky and trees - with a happy smile on my face. It was so beautiful...oh, how I love spring. This was my favorite shot...the wild dogwood tree in our front yard. I was hoping my camera would capture the mood of the moment. Dusk was ever present, and the white dogwood flowers had a glow about them. Spring means renewal for me, not only for the earth but for my spirit.

Winter sorrows flicker and fall
Swept up like dead moths
Pale and exhausted, their
Faded wings disintegrating
On a gentle evening, so
Serene and colored, the
Sky beginning to dream
In happy hues, the dusk
Nestling into the living ground
As the world spins madly on.

© Sherri Brannon 2012


  1. Such gorgeous soft spring colors in this. Of course - how could you resist such beauty?!?!

  2. seems the rain was all worth it to get this result!

  3. What a beautiful capture....

  4. Beautiful words, and this photograph is gorgeous, Sherri!

  5. Fabulous image and your poetry just says it all! I really enjoyed reading this.

  6. This is Beautiful Sherri. I can absolutley get the feeling. thank´s for the the kind words back at my blog. =)

  7. Gorgeous, as usual. Love "the sky beginning to dream."