Friday, July 11, 2014

The Lake is Quiet


The lake is quiet, the trees surround me, asking and giving nothing. ~Margaret Atwood

There's just something about being near has such a calming effect. You feel your body relaxing, you breath's a wonderful thing. This is a photo I took in Florida with my iPhone, but I just got around to app-editing it this week. I used Snapseed to create the tilt-shift effect, and then put it in Luminance for the lovely filter.

Happy Friday to you! I'm linking up with Friday Finds today.

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  1. Breathtaking shot, Sherri,
    We live on a lake , I find such tranquility there.

  2. I love being near water too, we live on a lake as well :) I love your photo, it's beautiful !

  3. I too share your love for water - the sea and the lake. Refreshes, just as you photo.

  4. Happy Friday to you to Sherri I love being around water as well so calming...

  5. I feel happiest near the water. I don't really like to swim, but I love to sit and watch it.

  6. Lovely quote, photo and processing!