Thursday, October 31, 2013

Autumn Must Come

Fall leaf

Even the birds
Ounce their singing,
Begin flitting
To cover for the night.
And under
The late glow of sun,
Every place
That it’s time
To move on,
That autumn must come
Autumn must come,
Must come.
~Claude Wilkinson

It's time again for Bonnie's monthly photo art prompt at Pixel Dust Photo Art, and the theme this month is "embrace". I am embracing fall and its beautiful changes...enjoying every last bit of color before winter comes. Fall is ripe and vibrant, a last hurrah before the bare bones of winter. I captured this leaf that had fallen on an electrical grate in my front yard. I used Bonnie's "heavenly" texture at Soft Light/30%, and also put the image into RadLab. Click on the button below to visit Bonnie's blog and participate!

I'm flying to Ohio this weekend for a wedding, so may not have time to visit other's blogs until I get back...but I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with this month! Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!

Pixel Dust Photo Art


  1. The depth of color of this leaf on the grate is lovely Sherri! Hope that you have a great trip to Ohio and safe travels to you! A fall wedding, how lovely

  2. I like this! The processing is great and the background is interesting with all the different lines. And the beautiful autumn leaf is an eye catcher.

  3. What a beautiful way to embrace Autumn, Sherri! Such a lovely, textured piece of art. Hope you have a wonderful getaway.

  4. Fabulous Sherri! I love this, the texture and the colour, just gorgeous.

  5. Oh my gosh this is fabulous. Loving the tones, the texture and well just everything about your piece. I am embracing Fall too.

  6. Beautiful! It's so crisp and detailed - almost looks like hdr. Love the symmetry, too.

  7. Lovely texture and color contrast.