Friday, May 17, 2013

Iphoneography Fun: Percolator Stars

Orvis percolated

Flowers open every night
across the sky, a breathing peace
and sudden flame catching.

The warm temperatures have arrived, and as always I find myself super busy in these summer months. I'm giving myself permission to post more sporadically this'll still see me but my posts might be spread out a little more! I think I'll feature my iphoneography a little more because I'm always taking iPhone photos and there are so many I'd love to share. That's one thing I love about my iPhone - no matter how busy I get, it's always with me and I get new photos to play with almost every day.

Above is a recent image I took and processed with my iPhone using several of my favorite apps. I put the original photo in Glaze first to give it a painterly feel, and then I also put the original into Percolator and used the "full of stars" filter to create a second image. I combined these two images in Blender - I was very pleased with the starry results!

Have a wonderful weekend - thank you for stopping by! I'm @sherribrannon on Instagram if you'd like to follow me.


  1. It's got a VanGogh feel to are the master of iPhone photo processing. Just sayin.

  2. I hear you about the busy summer months. I am already wondering what is happening to May, next weekend is Memorial Day already. Yikes!

  3. I get in trouble every single time I see one of your iphone photos Sherri! Love your rendition on this! It is so interesting . So now I have percolator... and is Blender another separate app?? Really neat. Hope you have an awesome summer. I have hardly been on my blog at all. This 60 day notice for my job is driving me nuts. One more month to go... Can't wait!

  4. this looks so great and interesting!

  5. That was fun! I love pictures and scenes that make me want to be there, and this one does. And yes, like Adrienne said, Van Gogh-y.

  6. Oh Sherri, this is I go to the app store! I love my iphone so much ;)

  7. I don't even really know what to say about this one Sherri. Breathtaking...

  8. J'adore - amazing Sherri - The 20th Century modern style of Cafe Terrance by Night is found!