Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Gold Letters

kitchen light

Let my heart have its say and my mind stand idly by,
For my mind is proud and strong enough to be silent,
It is my heart that makes my songs, not I
. ~Sara Teasdale

I can't explain this poetry thing that is such a part of me...I'm not sure why this form of writing has captured my heart so completely. But I know it's as authentic a part of me as my eye color. I will write poetry until I take my last breath. I'm linking up with Verse First, and this week's prompt is "Authentic Life", with the added challenge of writing 13 lines or less. My image is an iPhone photo of my kitchen at sunset.

As an added note, a few months back I finally got the courage to submit my poetry to a was scary to put myself out there but I was also excited to do it. As of today, the notification deadline for chosen authors has passed. I made it through my first's to many more. :)

If anyone has any advice to offer about submitting poetry for publication (or reputable publications), I would love to hear it. I'm pretty clueless and would appreciate any tips.


My heart is a home
Of love-filled moments
Soul-woven treasures
Tucked gingerly onto shelves
Between the fears and shadows
And inside there resides
A sensitive poet
Who gratefully hammers
Beneath tear-blurred stars
My soul's gold letters
Amidst piled up memories
Of tender bliss, so
Sweet and soft to tread on.

© Sherri Brannon


  1. Sorry about that rejection, but I would just package that up and send it to every publishing house everywhere. Your work is great Sherri and you can get published. I think of you every time I am at Borders looking at stuff much less quality than what you do. Just keep putting your stuff out there! It is awesome Also, love the photo you posted

  2. Such a beautiful glow, in the photo of your kitchen at sunset. Lovely and golden. The poem is beautiful, too, especially "my soul's gold letters". This post is tinged with gold:)

  3. Aww... I love soul's gold letters.


  5. I think your poetry is as awesome as your photos. You rock it girl! (gosh I wish now I had some west facing windows in this house)

  6. What a wonderful glow in this photo. Beautiful.
    Perhaps you could consider self-publishing a volume of your poetry on Lulu or such?

  7. Your imagery delights this reader, and your message/meaning are equally pleasing. I like the fact that you use only the necessary word count, nothing excessive or overblown. Well done.

  8. What a wonderful poem, Sherri, and such a beautiful photograph to go with it.

  9. Beautiful words with beautiful images, this was very special.

  10. I love it. Beautifully written. And for some reason, I love your use of the word gingerly. It somehow made the entire poem (for me) have a much more sentimental feel to it.

  11. A beautiful poem! And, as to your preamble, I'm sure very poet can relate to the authenticity of this vocation. (Let's call it what it is.)


    Read the publication;s guidelines.
    Be a reader. Know what they usually publish, so you don't waste time sending stuff to places that wouldn't take it no matter how good.
    Send about six at a time. Or fewer; not more.
    Multiple submissions are more acceptable now, but still not a great idea, if only because it might be hard for you to keep track of them. If you do it, let everyone concerned know that the material is also submitted elsewhere.
    In any case, keep a record of what you send where, and whether accepted or rejected. Also, noting date of sending out and date of reply isn't a bad idea, just for your own interest. You might not wish to keep sending to people who regularly take 9 months to respond.
    With rejections, look to see where/if the piece can be improved. When you're sure it's as good as you can get it, send somewhere else.

  12. Soul-woven treasures leaped off the page for me! This whole poem seems soul-woven to me. Lovely!Rumi's Beloved

  13. Your words speak with strength! Continue to write about all those moments of your life.

  14. I have read this several times to feel the softness and the strength all in one, words like "gingerly" moved aside by "hammers"--with gratitude! An exciting poem. I too lived through my first rejection. All is well.

  15. there is so much feeling in this image, so much strength...

  16. its you within that matters the most!

  17. So proud of you for gathering the courage and submitting. Keep it up!

  18. Your first two lines are beautiful! A lovely home for those memories! Your poems and pictures are always thought provoking - keep submitting!

  19. Wonderfully done poem, but the photo, superb!

  20. What a gorgeous image...and equally gorgeous words to accompany. Truly inspiring that you got up the courage to submit for publication. Here's to many...many more 'tries'!!!

  21. My first time here, thanks to Poets United. First, this golden view of your heart, the ways in which it expresses love... poignant and lovely. In you prologue, you mentioned that poetry is as much a part of you as the color of your eyes... I so get that, especially reading this.

    On submissions: First, I have a huge sheaf of "ding letters" (rejections) in a file entitled: "Rejections are Cobblestones on the Road to Publication." I swear it's true.

    A wonderful guide for the hows and whys, as well as a plethora of publications and chapbook publishers, is Robert Lee Brewer's book, but I cannot remember the name. Poetry Guide with a year on it? Go to Amazon (or for a used copy) and type his full name in the books browser, you'll find it.

    Submit as often as you can; READ the mag or site before publishing so you'll get a flavor of what they like. Follow instructions to the jot and tittle; otherwise, it goes in the "circular file." Be professional - create a cover letter that looks like stationery and includes your contact info.

    Most of all, and again, follow instructions, especially regarding not submitting previously published works, which by now would most likely include anything you have put on a blog already. Best of lucky and by all means, keep writing! You have a gift. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  22. This picture is brilliant.. dreamy somehow..

  23. Gorgeous image. Such wonderful light!