Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rebirth, and Hopeful Things

Pressed flower

We are pressed flowers in heavy books, too close to the story to see it is only a story. ~Andrea Gibson

This week's prompt for Photo Art Friday was to create an abstract image using only Bonnie's textures and an original photo. I took a photo of an old pressed rose from my high school scrapbook...this rose is 34 years old, from a bouquet I got when I graduated! I thought it would be perfect to go with a poem I also wrote this past week.

Every year when March arrives, I am SO tired of winter. My spirit is limp. But it's also that time when I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel - getting through the month means that April will be here. And once April arrives, spring begins to reveal's as if mother nature has been holding her breath until she's blue in the face, and when April arrives she suddenly exhales an enormous cleansing breath that rejuvenates everything. The color returns to her face, and to mine, too...growth begins again, both outside in nature and inside of me. My energy returns and I'm filled with happiness - it's always a joyous feeling!

I used two of Bonnie's textures, Abstract Elements (Lighter Color/65%) and Lover's Lament (Pin Light/100%). I just kept playing and blending until I had an abstract silhouette of a flower that I liked. The original photo is awful...the plastic of the scrapbook page has begun to disintegrate, and the rose is looking worse for wear! It's amazing how you can take an image with very poor quality and make it beautiful with artistic effects in Photoshop Elements. Thanks for stopping by, and if you'd like to see more photo art please click on the button below.


I keep a scrapbook in winter
A collection of moons
That make me remember
Moments like those in
The cold of December
When the sun is drowning
And the moon saves it
Catching it in its mouth
And melancholy is the name
Of my winter flower, pressed
Gently between the pages
Flush against the shadows
Of my soul

I flip through the pages, to
That one moon I witnessed
On a January evening
Wrapped snugly around
The shivering pines
Its silver shawl aglow
Or that February Sunday
When the moon's tender light
Trembled atop those oak trees
Their melodies stripped down
To leafless acoustics
Amidst an audience
Of cold, gray stones

Moon-filled moments
Fragile winter keepsakes
Where I conspire with my heart
Writing her out as
The snow falls, cradling
My sad, pressed flower
And the earth takes note
Serene about tomorrow, wiser
Than me and far ahead of
My fickle winter's sorrow
She knows her hands will
Soon turn to green leaves
Motioning me to spring, to
Rebirth and hopeful things.

© Sherri Brannon

Original image:

Photo Art Friday


  1. Well you certainly made a beautiful photograph out of one that was tired and life.....kinda like spring.....

    You amaze me with your poetry...Your words are beautiful....

  2. Beautiful... just... beautiful!

  3. Sherri this is, once again, a work of art! Love what you have done with your old dried flower and have definitely rejuvenated it. YOur poem is also just wonderful. So deep!

  4. Sherri, this is a beutiful post!

  5. I was amazed looking at the original photo comparing it to the piece of art you created. I'm a sucker for the lavenders and the font you chose suits the theme perfectly. Beautiful job!

  6. Another exquisite poem, Sherri! :)
    Happy International Women’s Day!
    Have a lovely Friday.

  7. Oh such a beautiful transformation from dead scrapbook flower to this lovely work of art!

  8. Such a lovely post, Love the colours you made.

  9. your words and imagery make my heart sing too Sherri - and so does Spring

  10. everything here makes my heart a little happier that you are part of my Friday mornings. we have much nicer weather here in Florida, surely, yet lately it is cold in the mornings and through the nights, and the sky such a brilliant blue... makes me wonder if Spring really IS a season in a place like this.

    I suppose that feeling the late-winterish feelings is part of Life in wintery places; I know it was for me when I lived in the North, yet here, in this lovely post, with your gorgeous treatment of the flower from so long ago, I feel only Hope and Gratitude.

    so BEautiful, Sherri. your poem, your photo art, and your generous spirit. have a BEautimous weekend!!

  11. Thank you for sharing words and picture.
    I enjoyed both.
    Best whishes.
    Mormor Norway.

  12. Amazing and Beautiful. Wow to go from your original photo (that yes is rather sad looking) to that gorgeous piece of art is truly a wonderful transformation. Just like spring is. Lovely poetry too.

  13. A wonderful editing and oh I love your scrapbook - so great to keep - Thanks for sharing, Sherri (hopefully I see you at "Your Own Edit" ?)

  14. your poetry - wonderful and your image today is moving because of the story behind it but mostly you brought alive something only you saw and shared it with great skill with the texture and editing -- and I love it!!

  15. incredibly gorgeous poem! Your rose turned out soooooooo cool.

  16. what an amazing poem ...and the first image is gorgeous.

  17. So peaceful. I think your words just lowered my blood pressure about ten points. I hesitate to pick out any lines, it was all so very gorgeous. But these stood out especially...

    And the earth takes note
    Serene about tomorrow, wiser
    Than me and far ahead of
    My fickle winter's sorrow