Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's good to be back for Scavenger Hunt Sunday...for all of the prompts this week, I'm using photos from my vacation because I haven't had time to get out and capture many images since I've been back. This week's prompts were travel, silly, spots, paper, and black and white.

1. Travel. I've barely begun editing all my photos from Hilton Head, but this was one of my favorites of the marsh area we walked by to get to the ocean.
Hilton Head Island

2. Silly. A lizard with a blue tail? That's silly. (I captured this at the Hilton Head Forest Park Reserve, a beautiful place to walk around with your camera. My husband and I spent a couple hours there walking the beautiful trails.)

3. Spots. These herons in the sky look like spots if you scrunch your eyes up just right.
Birds and clouds

4. Paper. Maybe this kite is made out of paper? Well, I think they used to be, anyway, in the olden days.
Beach kite

5. Black and white. This was the perfect reading spot inside our beach house rental...although I must confess I never cracked a book while I was there. My intentions were good!
black and white

Thanks for stopping by, and for letting me stretch it a bit with the prompts. I should be back on track next week, I hope! Have a lovely Sunday, everyone.


  1. Love the picture of Hilton Head and those clouds are amazing!

  2. I spent New Year's week of 2000 at Hilton Head. I would never go to Hilton Head on my own, but a dear friend invited me to her time share and so I went. These photos bring back memories from that time in my life. The only thing missing is white, sandy beach, but then that wasn't a prompt, was it?


  3. That first shot is dreamy. Been years since we were at Hilton Head - always enjoyed our visits.

  4. Such pretty shots this week! Your travel photo is just gorgeous.

  5. Excellent images! I love that you take liberties in interpreting the prompts. The kite image and that spot for reading are my favorites. I just want to curl up with a book in that chair.

  6. Can't wait to see your vacation photos...the colors on these shots are fabulous!

  7. Super Set.
    Loved that first Travel Shot and the Paper Kite Shot.
    Oh and I also loved that pretty lizard with it's blue tail.

  8. Great Job!
    I love your Hiltonhead shot the most, mostly because that is one of my most favorite places ever. Such a beautiful place!

  9. Those photos of the sky - and the birds - simply beautiful!

  10. Hy beautiful! Love your post! what do u say about following each other?:X

  11. Oh my goodness - that first shot is incredible.

  12. Sherri these are exquisite. I wasn't sure what the lizard was a lizard. At first, I thought it was a funny looking snake :-) but she is beautiful, and perfectly normal looking lizard ;-)

  13. We watched a lizard for at least thirty minutes my last trip to the beach. It jumped onto a green bag, and changed color to match the bag! So I guess that means it was a chameleon? :) Anyway, it was amazing to see.