Monday, June 25, 2012

iPhone Monday

I'm going to try and make Mondays my day to post about my iphone as long as life isn't too busy. Today I thought I'd share a few before and after shots with Snapseed, which is my favorite app to "fix" my iphone photos. I always go to this app first to brighten, saturate, sharpen, etc. Here are a few that I tweaked in Snapseed:

Before & After:
iphone ruby beforeiphone ruby after

iphone marbles beforeiphone marbles after

iphone two vases beforeiphone two vases after

Quite a difference, right? I'm so glad I learned about this app. Here are a few others I wanted to share:

This one is a continuation of the one above of my dog. After processing it in Snapseed, I put it into Picfx first and chose the "smog" filter (I believe it's under the Classics set). Normally, I reduce the opacity, but in this instance I kept it at 100% because I really liked the look. I saved it to my library and then reopened it in Phonto, where I added the text. (Please excuse the background - Ruby was laying by the last of my daughter's unpacked college dorm stuff in the basement!) *oops*
iphone Ruby precious

This was a photo I snapped very quickly (and I actually took this one while on vacation - I'm just now getting around to playing with it) while trying to capture all those birds in the sky. I love how I got the beach house in the corner. I used Snapseed and Picfx for this photo...I don't remember which filter I used, but it was minimal.
iphone beach house corner

Another vacation photo - Snapseed and Picfx. I love Picfx because it has the option of adding more and more filters until you're happy. To do this, you choose "Add another" as your option when saving, and it will save your photo with the current filter and be ready for you to continue adding on. You can repeat this over and over until you're happy. And because you can reduce the opacity of each filter (by tapping the screen and using the bar on the right to lower it), you can very gradually add subtle changes.
iphone sand dunes houses

I hope this info might be helpful to someone who's curious about camera apps...the key is just to dive in and experiment - it's a whole lot of fun! Have a lovely Monday~~


  1. The brighter pictures are so much better.


  2. Sherri - Thank you for these lovely tips! I'm going to look into Snapseed ASAP, it really adds clarity to photos (Side note - your dog is adorable!) I just discovered your blog today and I absolutely love it. Hope all is well :)

  3. Sherri, the tips are great, but as a dog lover I cannot stop looking at Ruby's cute little face.

  4. Hi Sherri - am in Kim and Xanthe's class, also. Just wanted to stop by and see what you are up to. I also have Snapseed but haven't been using it much. You are inspiration to continue. I absolutely adore my iPhone4 (NOT "S") - thought I could purchase on my contract now. I am waiting to see what the iPhone5 brings to the table before purchasing; so, hoping this fall for a higher res phone! LOL - it's the techie in me! Hugs from Alaska. kareninkenai

  5. Wow... impressive! So happy to meet you in BTS. I too love being creative. :)

  6. Wow! I'm in BTS too, and love your photos! I'm going to check out Snapseed now! Thx!