Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thoughts Cling Like Ivy

Grow towards the light

"Direct the clasping ivy where to climb." ~John Milton

Thoughts cling like ivy...and if they're negative, they can smother our spirit. The older I get, the more conscientiously I try to make sure my thoughts remain positive ones. Do I always succeed? Nope. But, I'm more aware when the negative thoughts appear, and I try my best to turn them around before they take hold. It wasn't until I was in my thirties that I became fully conscious of how my negative thoughts were affecting my spirit. I discovered that just being aware of them when they showed up greatly diminished their power. It was an important discovery in my life. Writing about them also helps, and for me, they come out as poetry. I like turning sad or negative thoughts into something rhythmic and beautiful. How about you? Do your thoughts sometimes grow where you wish they wouldn't? Here's to positive thoughts, the kind that thrive and grow towards the light.

This is my submission for this week's Texture Tuesday . I took this picture in Occoquan, Virginia. It's a quaint, little town filled with shops and personality. I used Kim's lovely "embrace" texture - Color Burn at 100%. I also put it in RadLab and used the filters Oh, Snap!, EZ-Burn, Sparta, and Adrift, all at 100%.

My thoughts cling like ivy
From within these walls
Then climb out of reach
I am restless inside
And my spirit wanders
In a tangled garden
Of blacks, grays, and whites
Mouthfuls of words buried
Where I can't find them
My hands grasp at air and
Rhythms hide lonely
In my sleeve.

© Sherri Brannon


  1. This is beautiful! I am in love with ivy and vines :)
    What you said about thoughts is so true. Sometimes I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, that is when I stop and remind myself that I am blessed and should be thankful for everything that I have!

  2. Sherri, thank you for this beautiful post!
    I love that photo and your poem is lovely!

    Today, I was feeling a bit down but after reading this I'm now feeling much better!
    Our attitude is everything and mine is now much better!

    Thank you!
    I wish you a beautiful day! :)

  3. this is a really beautiful picture!

  4. That is a lovely picture - love all the different hues of green.

  5. A lovely photo and love your writing to go with it. Yes it is so important to keep positive thoughts and attitude, and so hard to do at times.

  6. A lovely ivy-covered wall with the lantern just peeking through with those three wonderful words. Love your poem too, Sherri. Very heartfelt. :)

  7. you write very beautifully. i love how you've likened thoughts to ivy.
    negative thoughts can be damaging, it is tough to control them especially if you are a pessimist (Hint: me!)
    how lovely if one can find a way to turn them into something beautiful, like this poem.

  8. Beautiful photograph and words Sherri!

  9. Oh I love ivy. And what a beautiful poem you've written, Sherri. Very eloquent. Love this. :)