Thursday, January 5, 2012

Memory Walk

Winter garden

When January arrives, my spirit inevitably sags and I long to hibernate far away from the barren landscape. February and March loom frigidly, and I crave warmth, sunshine, and color! This shot was taken from my back yard...the view of our bare, winter garden through the fence line. To add texture, I used Pixel Dust Photo Art's "Yesteryear" and "Feelings". This is my submission for Texture Thursday, and also This or That Thursday. I've mentioned I may occasionally share my poems on this blog...I've been excited at the idea of taking photos to support my written words, and hope to do that here and there during 2012. If you enjoy poetry, please read on! Have a lovely Thursday.


When my bleak winter thoughts
Edge the bare garden, when my
Melancholy words become
Long and orderly, as gray
As the quivering clouds, as
Deep as the musty roots
Hiding lace-like underground
I know it's time for my spirit
To take a memory walk
Along lush, green embankments
Plump with pleated leaves
Ruffled with swollen blossoms
Tinged with a golden glow
Far from the fallen snow
Where birds hold in their throats
The essence of sun and branches
And we swap understanding glances
While the creek rushes by
Babbling with her stories
Her gray stones at the bottom
Nestled in the curve of her flow.

     © Sherri Brannon 2012


  1. I really love the colours in your photo. Thanks for sharing your poetry - beautifully composed.

  2. How pretty, and that poem! Amazing...

  3. This is lovely - in every way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous post, very pretty image.

  5. Beautifully crafted image and words.

  6. Hello again, Sherri,

    I'm sincerely bowled over by this evocative image and your very beautiful poem. Thank you for brightening my day with your creations. – g

  7. Sherri, oh, your poem is so beautiful!
    I loved it!
    And the photo is wonderful as well!

    Loved being here today and take in the beauty of this post!
    Thank you!

    Margie :)

  8. I love the colours in your picture and your poem - amazing. I envy people that can write poetry :)

  9. Sherri--a superb blend: your own beautiful image and your own stirring words.

  10. Lovely photo with great textures. I love you "Memory Walk" poem--beautiful. Mickie :)

  11. Hello Sherri :-) I stumbled on your blog via Margie's! Your photography is lovely and this poem really "WoWed" me! SO beautiful!

    Best Wishes for 2012
    Fiona :-)

  12. both the photo and the poem are wonderful and perfectly compliment each other!

  13. really beautiful; the texture does add a special something doesn't it.

  14. Sherri I really love your photo and your writing. Just beautiful! Perhaps if winter make you feel a bit melancholy you would enjoy a book called the Circle of Life by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr. I love the section on winter, and what it can mean in our lives. Met these ladies at an international women's conference last year, and have loved the book. Blessings, and love your poetry.

  15. the poem is so beautiful!
    my favorite lines are
    'Where birds hold in their throats
    The essence of sun and branches'

    that is a lovely way to express the longing for summer.