Sunday, May 6, 2018

Poetry: Wings

Robin’s egg.

Flocks of avian beings fly
in rows of breathing ribs
that soar across the sky.
Sometimes a feather falls
as an offering,
down, down to the grass
and I, the lucky soul
who walks by to find it.
A starling whirrs by
in a feathery blur
that smells
of earthworms and rivers.
A heron whooshes above me
and I can almost hear
the babbling creek
inside his beak
as a fish flops
in his mouth,
its scales so luminescent
I swear I can hear those, too,
because shimmer
should have a sound.

I wonder why birds flying
can bring me to tears.
I yearn to be
orioled, finched, wrenned
like they are.
The wings are the thing.
They remind me of angels,
those unseen beings I believe in.
I think these thoughts
as I walk without wings.
Sometimes in my dreams
I am one of them,
willing myself to take flight,
if only for a few moments.
But, on this morning
I walk down a sidewalk
across earth's timeline.
I spy
a delicate, blue egg,
fallen and cracked,
its world shattered
on the gravel of a man-made road.

© Sherri Brannon

I wrote this poem on my walk the other day...discovering the cracked egg gave me the perfect way to end it. Thank goodness for the Notes feature on my iPhone - I was stopping constantly to write down my thoughts. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Sherri these lines resonate the power of poetry
    "I swear I can hear those, too,
    because shimmer"

    Happy Sunday. Thank you for dropping by my Sunday Standard today


  2. I love when a poem catches us walking or driving. I am very moved by birds as well, feathered beings. I loved your poem.

  3. Such a a tragic image. So many poems with birds in them today! There singing makes me want to cry too! I think it connects me with my childhood and innocence.

  4. A deeply introspective and gorgeous write. Especially love; "I wonder why birds flying can bring me to tears. I yearn to be orioled, finched, wrenned like they are."💜

  5. Yes, it is sad to see a broken egg on the ground, reminds us of what might have been. They work so hard to reproduce, and sadly many eggs are broken.

  6. ooooh. This is lovely and it sings. :)

  7. I love those found moments that inspire I watch birds I wish I could fly and have wings!

  8. I love the idea of having wings and flying free (metaphorically speaking)!

  9. there is a subtle song to this... and some great imagery

  10. Walking the empty shoreline I have sometimes seen eggs this way. I expect your egg was stolen and hopefully the hen didn't notice the missing one. Humans have always had that urge to fly even before Icarus I expect. Just as well we invented powered aircraft to lessen the failed experiments. What a beautiful sensitive post Sherri B.

  11. Wow - this is brilliant writing. You sketched the scene in wonderful detail and depth, in the first stanza, upon which - in the second stanza - you pin your reflections. Beautifully constructed and beautifully rendered.

  12. Beautifully descriptive and reflective.

  13. Some fabulous images and lines here... hard to pick a favourite but this one is simply brilliant: because shimmer
    should have a sound.

  14. "...I yearn to be
    orioled, finched, wrenned
    like they are...."
    I love these lines and feel your musings in my soul. A beautiful write.

  15. How tragic! A moving piece.

  16. “...shimmer / should have a sound.” Just wonderful!! And I love your use of birds as verbs. It captured them beautifully.