Sunday, March 11, 2018


What if we're living
in the belly of a whale
it gulped us all down
with our pills and Unfollows
and we can't help ourselves
we dared it to swallow
and it's been longer than three days
and longer than three nights, and
our world is taking place
inside this whale's mouth
while the angels lay low
with their grandly folded wings
in the safety of the whales in our souls

And there are other whales, too
like the one inside our guts
caught in the belly of a beast
flooded with our lack of trust
rocking and swinging to the dread of it
and then there's the whale
tossed around inside our heads
filled with our fragile, unspoken things
battered and soaked from the sorrow of it
and that one last whale in our hearts
our loneliness seeping into its mouth
as it thrashes back and forth
to the beat of it

A whale within a whale within a whale
all of them needing
a breath at the surface
a bellowing of their windpipes
from the cruel hum of us within
but they're wrecked at the bottom
with our earth dust and rage
the whales are all drowning
and, we, along with them
in the depths of our fears
the whales, they are calling
and our spirits, they're starving
but our eyes, they can't find the tears.

©Sherri Brannon

Our world needs a healing. I feel the weight of it so strongly that every single poem I write lately is about this.

I created my whale digitally in Procreate, on my iPad Pro - I also used a few apps to create more texture (iColorama, Glaze).


  1. Fabulous image in picture and word....yes we are drowning in hate and fear as you so beautifully illustrate it here....I too find writing therapeutic, and I love your words!!

  2. The metaphor of those whales within the whales ... suffocating works so well to describe the state of the world... well written piece.

  3. It has indeed been longer than three days and longer than three nights. It is time to leave the belly of the whale...but I wonder every day how shall we make our escape. Our spirits are starving, but ah - how to give them sustenance. A REALLY good poem!

  4. I feel the weight of it too, and I am grateful we have a means of expressing this sorrow, as you have done so beautifully in this poem. I especially love your closing lines.....sigh. There arent enough tears in the world for what humankind has done to the earth and our fellow creatures. I resonate strongly with this poem. Am so grateful that you wrote it.

  5. "but they're wrecked at the bottom with our earth dust and rage".. sigh indeed we are drowning in despair.. but we must hold onto hope! Powerful write.

  6. When I was young, people used to read my poems and say, "You must be a very unhappy person" and I used to think, "No – don't you understand I wrote it out?"

    I love the way you keep extending and expanding on the whale metaphor, until you bring it right back to the planetary concerns.

  7. Powerful metaphors here in what is a refreshingly original write - thank you...

  8. That is so well done... the drowning whales both inside and outside...fabulous metaphor and imagery.

  9. Very powerful write Sherry.
    And I agree, poetry help us ease the pain.

  10. A nuanced, mesmeric and impactful extended metaphor. Thoughtful - and very real - concerns brilliantly rendered. Awesome writing!

  11. Simply stunning, Sherry. Your writing grips the soul as well as the mind. And Your fisual is also extremely powerful.