Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is Just a Rumor

lake sunset February


I wander with my winter heart,
inhaling the March tones,
the silence of things,
the showy sunset.
If the sky had a scent
it would smell of
tangerines and honey.
The birds speckle the air
with flecks of color:
rubied cardinal, rusted robin,
purpled finch.

Tulip buds hide and ache
beneath the snow, yearning
for their colors.
I breathe in the smell
of a winter fire, the
loneliness of chimney smoke.
I fret about the looming hollow
of moon shadows across
midnight walls. Spring
is just a cruel rumor,
whispered bitingly
among the oaks.

© Sherri Brannon 2014

Every winter, 
when the great sun has turned his face away,
 the earth goes down into a vale of grief, 
and fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables,
 leaving her wedding-garlands to decay -
then leaps in spring to his returning kisses. ~Charles Kingsley

Actually, spring is more than a's a tiny light in the distance, and I can see it. This makes me happy! It's supposed to be in the 60s here for the next couple of days. I'm so ready to let go of the winter "blahs", so much so that this poem irritates me when I read it back. These words I wrote are tiresome...remnants of that melancholy head space I get caught up in every February and March. I'm so ready to let them go and move on to the renewal of spring!

The photo was taken with my iPhone on a winter sunset walk to our community lake recently. Thank you for stopping by! I'm linking up today with Poetry Pantry.


  1. oh no...spring is more than a rumor....but it feels like a cruel joke these gets warm, it snows, it gets warm we have an ice storm...ha...its bipolar for sure....

  2. over here spring started with a big bang just yesterday...everything's budding and blossoming...i was kind of high all day...smiles... it will come to your part of the world as well...

  3. Sweet! A very nice piece. I enjoyed reading this.

  4. Ah yes, the tulip buds are still hiding; but it is nice to know that they will eventually reappear from their hiding beneath the snow that remains as a remnant of a hard winter. And as one breathes in that last bit of winter fire, it is nice to know that the 'rumor' of spring may soon come true! Smiles.

  5. hope the tulips smile in color soon...beautiful lines..

  6. Beautiful words in your poetry, and the light in this image is so warm and lovely.

  7. I love the capture of winter from your phone Sherri, and your thoughts in the poem.

  8. What beautiful images! I am sure the oaks will bite bitterly for only a wee hour as the ice between their toes melt and doesn't refreeze.

  9. I can see the light coming too. Gorgeous tones in your photo! I love the silhouette against the light.

  10. Oh I thoroughly believe that spring is on its way.. lovely painted words.

  11. Such lovely words. You capture the ache for spring with beautiful imagery!

  12. What a beautiful write! "I wander with my winter heart"......."if the sky had a scent it would smell of tangerines and honey"! wonderful writing. Lovely to find this delectable morsel in the Pantry!

  13. Such a beautiful poem and photo...and yes it is more than a rumor, I've seen "the signs" in my yard. Doves collecting branches for their nests, and lizards watching me pull weeds, and my Indian Hawthornes are about to bust with blooms. The roses have new growth and buds, the lantana and salvia has new growth, and the moss is sprouting!! It's a coming.... :)

  14. That's a beautiful poem! I think spring is on it's way, slowly, but it's on it's way.

  15. not been through snow,seen too much of autumn or spring in full home town bangalore is always nice sunny and pleasantly cool. but i could see your place through your write.and i really envy.

  16. I'm hoping that spring is more than a rumor here too . . . beautifully written.

  17. One step forward two steps back still looking for Spring it is tantalising close ! lovely poem Sherri...

  18. jeez, spring really does feel like just a rumor this year! but I love your poem. and the picture! thanks!