Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poetry: Clumsy

purple moon


Soulful word threads,
pale as silk,
waiting to be pulled
through the eye of
my heart. That's what I
offer on any given day:
raw-edged thoughts,
joy-white or rubble-gray,
darning the holes
in this clumsy body
that wishes it were
measured by its soul.

The November moon
glows hard-rimmed
and sharp, cratered
with flaws. I write
about it softly, and my
talents seem small. I see
the moon's breath, its
joy, its flushed tears
and tortures. I witness
its sacred confessions
to an audience
of keen stars.

Soon, December's soft
cloth will rub all the
colors away. I will notice
the bare branches
reaching and knotting,
just like my earthly hands.
And that sharp moon?
It has since collapsed
to a crescent, its
light folded inside,
hidden and protected
like my own.

©Sherri Brannon 2013

Writing poetry fulfills me deeply - it gives me value and purpose. I'm at my best when I can sit quietly, writing and creating. It's an internal, soulful calling that brings me comfort in this external, ego-driven world. Poetry shows how soft we are, in a world that's so's my search for inner peace. I wish more people were drawn to this beautiful form of expression.

The photo was taken in my back yard - I used RadLab to enhance the purple tones and make the image more dramatic. I'm linking up with Poetry Pantry today - thank you for stopping by!

Ego says,
Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.
Spirit says,
Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.
~Marianne Williamson


  1. i am glad poetry draws in the ones it does....there are all kinds...and all levels of talent as is a level playing field as oft i love the amateurs verse more so than one that is published and polished and thinks they actually know something...lovely capture...of the progression of time...and making it personal as well in relating to your own hands....

  2. The thoughts in this are so deep and beautifully expressed Sherri! This captures the "mood " that i have had of late in the late november/ pre winter time. Makes me sort of sad/ a feeling of dread of winter coming, the losses, emptiness of the winter time. Holing up, waiting for spring. I especially love your wording in the first stanza of this.. soulful words.... darning the holes in this clumsy body. Once again, i have printed these two poems and saved them in my journal. What amazing talent you have with our words, and beauty of inner expression. WHERE IS THAT BOOK??? I will buy the first 10!!!! I hope that you have a lovely holiday and that your daughter will be home. Enjoy your time together! Again, such beautiful work this is.

  3. My husband is the pilot Sherri! I am only the fuel management engineer! We have had a plane for years with many hours in it. Believe me when I say I am not pilot material. Get lost as soon as I take off. LOL. Not a good thing when you are flying . Good morning!

  4. So very very beautiful.. Your words and image Im not sure which I love more. . You have a beautiful gift in both.

  5. wow, a poem of rich and lovely imagery. the last stanza is absolutely stunning, every word is carefully chosen and placed. enjoyed reading this work. :)

  6. Oh my. I feel like I have taken part in a beautiful spiritual banquet with this post. First the stunning photo. Then the GLORIOUS poem, with its stellar wish: "this clumsy body that wishes it were measured by its soul." And then the PERFECT Williamson quote. Sigh. I am replete. If I dont read another word today (though I have about a hundred more to read:))

  7. Wonderful words Sherry a great piece to read on a melancholy Sunday evening.

  8. Some really serene imagery. The changing nature with the coming of deep winter months... and the personal touch makes it a beautiful read. :-) And that is a lovely photograph as well.

  9. You've made grey November beautiful. This was a joy to read.

  10. lovely pic.and really evocative lines too.loved the intersection of the natural and the personal.may your writing experience many more summers and springs.

  11. Your work is always so beautifully crafted--this one in particular for me--you take us inside your soul --

  12. i like the beautiful images, and the photo is really lovely. and how you end with a reflection of nature on one's self.

  13. I love the purple sky & moon and your words compliment it so well. Beautifully written. The quote at the end is so true.

  14. you take us through images and thought with this.. great piece

  15. The moon is really a mirror of ourselves.. just like the months are images for feelings.. this is awesome poetry.

  16. Sherri,

    You have given great respect to that which exists during the darker months. Our moods and the mixed feelings as the year ebbs away...I like that spring is not so far away..
    Loved your purple image...


  17. We each own an inner light and need to find it. So glad you found yours and are sharing it. Really like your descriptions and your Artist's Statement after the poem.


  18. The wonders of nature:).....................

  19. The process of polishing is a wearing down and a wearing thin, but reveals so much glory. In this way we and all the world are diamonds in the rough sitting there for poets and architects to discover. Powerful poem.

  20. Such beautiful imagery. Loved the photograph too. :)

  21. I feel the same way about poetry. I have set aside a book I want to continue reading when I have time. It's called Quiet, about introverts, poetry allows me to be the introvert that my soul needs.

  22. This was entirely beautiful, Sherri. I wish I were better at poetry, but I'm not. So I'm thankful for beautiful souls such as yours.

  23. Sherri, this is incredibly gorgeous beyond words. Stunning, really.

  24. The lingering leaves appear as birds not ready to fly away. Beautiful and serene.