Monday, June 17, 2013

Digital Fun

flowers on book page

flowers on book page

When you work regularly, inspiration strikes regularly. ~Gretchen Rubin

It always frustrates me that when life gets busy and I feel stressed, creative time is the first thing to go. I need to work on that. I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I last posted on my schedule has been hectic and today is the first free day I've had in awhile. I thought I'd check in with the blog world and wave hello!

Before things got crazy, I did have fun with some digital editing. I wanted to share a couple edits I worked on with a very quick drawing I did of two flowers on a book page. I put them in PSE and played around with layers, textures, etc. and came up with two very different looks. So much fun, and very therapeutic to just get lost in the process! I don't know what I'd do with these two images, but the end results were very satisfying.

I hope to start processing some photos I've taken in recent weeks very soon...I have a month's worth to look through and will post some favorites. I hope all my fellow blog friends are doing well...thank you for stopping by!

Original Drawing:


  1. Your art is beautiful, Sherri!
    Your doodles are lovely (I kept coming back to that post just to look at them), and these would make a lovely cover to a note-book or a calender!

  2. I love what you do- you are so creative and clever- I stand in awe and admire :)

  3. I have missed you, but I totally get where you are coming from. It is so hard to divide our time evenly between all the things we want to do