Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thick Is Best

pretty orange flower

The poet must not only write the poem but must scrutinize the world intensely, or anyway that part of the world he or she has taken for subject. If the poem is thin, it is likely so not because the poet does not know enough words, but because he or she has not stood long enough among the flowers—has not seen them in any fresh, exciting, and valid way. ~Mary Oliver, A Poetry Handbook

I have so many Instagram photos and so many poetry quotes...I love them both and want to share. I love this quote from one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver. How right she order to write poetry I feel happy with, I must take the time to really notice what's around me, to really see a thing beyond its basic form. I can't rush myself. If i do this, my poems are thick, not thin. Thick is best! This can be very difficult in the fast-paced, numbing environment of this can be so hard to slow ourselves down. Taking those quiet moments for myself, turning inward...writing a poem is like meditating with my heart. How do you slow yourself down and allow yourself to see beyond the surface? Is it with words, or art, or movement? Thank goodness for creative expression - it truly is food for the soul.


  1. What gorgeous color! The bloom literally bursts from the page!

  2. Beautiful quote, Sherri, and this photo is gorgeous.
    What a wonderfully cheerful color.

  3. Sherri your poetry is absolutely never thin! And this photo beautifully matches your poetry! Love this flower!

  4. I stood and watched a wasp for several minutes this morning. It was on the outside of our glass door at work. It's amazing to think how many creatures there are and all the little intricacies and detail each were created with. This post kinda reminded me of that.