Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Right to Dream


The blank page gives the right to dream. ~Robert Frost

Or in this case, the blank screen? Opening up PSE to play with artistic effects is exactly like having a blank canvas. I choose an image and there are no rules...I add things here, remove things there, erase things that I don't like, etc., until it "looks pretty". The results are unrealistic and surreal - but it sure was fun to create. It's therapeutic and completely satisfying! I highly recommend it.

This was originally a photo of a small hole in the street pavement...inside the hole, there was a tiny green plant growing. I've had a real busy week and little time for photo ops, so this is all I have to offer today. I'm off to the National Zoo this morning, so hopefully I'll have some good photos to share later this week! Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Wonderful photographs, unusual view. I am greeting

  2. It is like painting just for photographs. Very cool.