Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Botanical Gardens - Washington, D.C.

I've decided that instead of thinking of resolutions for the coming year I'm going to simply sit with this new joy I have found with photography and editing during 2011. I'm still grappling with what direction to go in as I learn these skills with my camera and PSE, but I will let my creative spirit guide me. More and more, I feel as if she is leading me into the more artistic side of photography. I love taking photos of people and landscapes, but what really makes my heart sing is the idea of merging my art work, poetry, and/or photos in PSE. I hope to continue down this path in the new year.

Over at Shutter Sisters today, they suggested posting a favorite photo of 2011. I started going through all my Flickr photos and came across this photo of me taken in July. By no means is it my favorite photo, but when I see this image I know that I was there at the Botanical Gardens not only as a "tourist", but as a photographer. My skills were (and still are) so limited, but my visit there that day was with the pure intention of taking photos with this new toy I knew nothing about, but which made my heart so happy it sang. It symbolizes the beginning of a journey that I can't wait to continue on. The camera bag strap over my shoulder makes me smile, as does the memory of that day and the excitement I felt as I took hundreds of photos. I'm still purely an amateur, but this world of photography is a place I never want to leave. I wish you all a very Happy 2012 filled with peace and new creative discoveries!


  1. i too found joy in photography in 2011...and share in your excitement. the photo of you is wonderful...your happiness of doing something you love shines from your smile. happy new year!

  2. may your dreams for 2012 come true. thank you for adding this to my post today at shutter sisters.

  3. I love this photograph!!
    Happy New Year to you Sherri!!

  4. I think this is a perfect photo to look full of joy and happiness. I wish you the best as you sort through your many options. smiles: sharon

  5. Thanks for sharing this story, it touched me! I have similar goals for 2012 - I wish you the best!!