Sunday, November 22, 2015

App Stacking Edits: Waterlogue, Tangled FX, iColorama, Distressed FX

Fall grass in Florida

Morning fog in Florida

App stacking has become my only method of altering my photos - I'm actually starting to forget how to use Photoshop Elements. I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite recent edits.

For the first photo, I used Tangled FX initially, and then merged that photo with the original one in Superimpose to make the effect more subtle. I added the birds with Distressed FX. I also played with the image in iColorama using the "Raise" effect. I've discovered if you bring the opacity way down on the Raise effect, it sharpens the image in a very pleasing way. I believe I also added a paper texture in iColorama.

I was thrilled with how the second photo came out - I had forgotten about the Waterlogue app and hadn't used it in awhile. I love the wonderful watercolor look it gives. After altering my photo in Waterlogue, I merged it with the original image in Superimpose to achieve a happy medium between the two. I then used the iColorama "raise" effect to sharpen the image, and I love how defined it made the tree limbs.

Thank you for stopping by! I'm "sherribrannon" on Instagram.


  1. Hi Sherri,
    I love to see these images in a larger scale ~ remembering admiring them on
    Instagram. The soft and ether if feeling in the lower photo speaks to
    me ... I do like your edit a lot! Superimpose is a new app to me, it must
    be good in layering and softening the effects.
    Your art inspires me ~ you're a gifted writer and photo artist!
    I hope all is fine with you, and thank you for sharing your processing and
    the way you create these lovely images.

    1. Nina, thank you so much for your kind comments! Superimpose is wonderful for merging two photos together - it also has the different options like Photoshop does (Soft Light, Overlay, Multiply etc.). I highly recommend the app. :)

  2. Love to see you pop up in my inbox. Always a treat to see what you are creating. These photographs are beautiful. You have certainly mastered the art of layering outside of Photoshop. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  3. Sherri I love your examples of the app stacking. It looks as if you are by your blog about as often as I am recently. Best to you, and know you are enjoying your new home this winter

    1. Hi Jeanne! Yes, I'm afraid my blog is being very neglected these days. Real life is just too busy and if I find creative time, I'm posting on Instagram mostly. I hope you're doing well, too - thanks so much for saying hi! Sending you waves and good thoughts. :)

  4. Hoping to see you again one of these days, and am adding you to my bloglovin roll just in case