Wednesday, September 24, 2014

App Happy Wednesday: App Stacking


I took this photo with my iPhone while we were driving down a Florida highway (as a passenger, of course). It was taken through the window while going about 65 miles an hour. These types of photos are perfect for apps like DistressedFX...the imperfections in the image (window reflections, slight blur, etc.) can be covered up beautifully with the 'grunge' this type of app offers.

For this particular image, I first cropped it in Snapseed. I then moved it into Distressed FX to add the first set of birds and choose a few filters...then I saved it into my camera roll. Next, I created a new blank canvas image with a creamy vanilla color in BubbleWrap. I moved the blank canvas image into DistressedFX and added a different set of birds. I moved that image into iColorama and used the Mirror option to shuffle the birds around in a way I liked. Next, I moved the shuffled bird image along with my original image into Imageblender where I merged them together. The last step was to move the merged image into Pictapgo to slightly sharpen it and change the tone to my liking. Voila! An app-stacked photo I'm very happy with.

App stacking is so much fun - it really forces you to exercise your creative brain. I'm always so excited when I come up with a new idea and it turns out well.

Thank you for stopping by. I've lost my blog groove and real life will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks. After that, I hope to be back on a more regular blog schedule. I have mushroom photos to share...I continue to be on the hunt for them daily! :)

Keeping With The Times


  1. Gorgeous! I love all of the rich colors in this image, and the grungy texture, and all of those wonderful birds (I love that feature in Distressed FX).

  2. You always do such amazing work with apps! I have never heard of Mirror to shuffle things around ... hmmm ... I'm going to have to look into that! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up today, Sherri!

  3. Wow! You are the master of apps. What fun.

  4. I love this photo and great way to add more birds. We've had so much rain we have tons of mushrooms now. Come on over.

  5. This is a great shot and processing. Love the pensity of the mood you have set, and how interesting, the stacking. Know you probably had an awesome time in Florida... makes you want to hurry the time along until you move there. Perenial summer... would be great for those of us who get in t o the doldrums in the winter months

  6. You really master DistressedFx, Sherri! Thank you for sharing the too on to use a blank canvas in a cream color - that must give a natural warm effect ... I'm going to try that :) the birds are creating a great feeling if autumn ~ Love it!