Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Color

Summer color

It's App Happy Wednesday, and as I look at my Instagram feed I see such vibrant color. I love the colors of summer!

I didn't use any fancy app stacking for these images - for all of them, I either used Snapseed exclusively or else I moved them into Pictapgo for a little additional filter tweaking. These are my two go-to apps and I use them constantly.

I collaged the four photos together using the Moldiv app. I love this app because you can adjust the frame size and color - for this collage, I made the frame very fine and left it white. I'm "sherribrannon" on Instagram - thank you for stopping by!

Keeping With The Times


  1. I do love your colors of summer and also love how you have used the collage app! First thing you know summer will be over with and we will be in to fall colors. Have a great day Sherri!

  2. I love the colours and always love your soft touch with editing. I really like the idea of that collage app - sounds simple and clean - just what I love. Thank you so much for playing along again, Sherri!!

  3. I love this colorful collage! And you use my two go-to apps! Beautifully shot and edited images- I'm going to check out Moldiv.

  4. Lovely bright colors for summer. Perfect!

  5. Love this Sherri, haven't seen that color bell before, love all the summer color and as a lover of collages for my blog, don't know why I don't do it more on IG. God knows I take enough iPhone images. Good thought, I do like the app just haven't used it enough. Isn't that the problem so many apps and keep forgetting which ones I have?