Sunday, June 15, 2014


just breathe


An inhale is sacred,
an unpeopled quiet,
a mandatory shutdown
of the voice box.
It's a pure prayer,
a holy breath, a
safe wall erected for
the weight of the future
which has nothing
to lean against.
The inhale warms
my cold hands
which are too heavy
with the fear of fear,
too tired with the burden
of earth's dirt and
cracked mirrors.
It instinctively knows
the path to my heart,
following its curves
like a sigh, like
a loving smile
that heals.

©Sherri Brannon 2014

The untrained mind is like a wild horse. It runs away when we try to find it, shies when we try to approach it. If we find a way to ride it, it takes off with the bit in its teeth and finally throws us right into the mud. ~Susan Pivers

Can you tell that I'm in awe of meditation and its possibilities? I simply sit, and I breathe, which sounds so simple. But, oh, how hard it is! Trying to quiet my mind, noisy with thoughts and distraction, is a challenge.

I was surprised to learn we can only speak out loud on the exhale. Maybe the exhale is a state-of-the-heart purge system, a spilling out of our seized-up thoughts to make room for space, and pauses, and peace...all of which come to us on the inhale.

I've barely begun to figure out meditation, but I must say that after sitting quietly for 20 minutes in silence, the difference is noticeable. My body feels so relaxed, and my mind feels calmer despite the busy-ness of my brain. I will keep trying to get better at it, because I think I'm onto something.

My image was taken through the car window while at a stop light...I love that my camera apps allow me to take a very mediocre photo and make it interesting by adding texture and/or layers. I'm sharing my poem at Poets United today - please visit to read more or participate!


  1. Beautiful Sherri, and while you may think it was mediocre, it took you to realize that you could turn it into something very special.

  2. A wonderful poem about meditation and breathing. You convey your own wonder at the process.

  3. Those opening lines drew me in to the silence....beautifully rendered.

  4. mmm i like the inhale as a pure prayer...i think at times we talk too much in prayer and do too little listening for a response....smiles.

  5. i love the meditative tone of the poem...isn't the mind noisy and pampered?..sitting quietly for five minutes controls it a bit...but it's so difficult....nice lines

  6. long deep breaths!! even yoga teaches to soothen our minds we must take long deep breaths every day!! :)

  7. I love this poem, Sherri.
    It's beautiful,

  8. Isn't it funny that I wait on God in silent meetings for worship but haven't a clue how to meditate? Your poem struck me because I always write about the exhale and letting go. You introduce me to the inhale in ways that make me want to spend more time with it:
    "a safe wall erected for
    the weight of the future
    which has nothing
    to lean against." Holy, indeed! And to have it warm hands and heal heart? I'm definitely going to try it out.
    Thank You!

  9. I have been struggling to get back to my meditation practice. I know I feel better when I meditate, but for some reason I find it hard to find the time to 'sit'. Your words gave me the nudge I needed today to meditate. Thank you. Your image is so very beautiful.

  10. I do quite a bit of meditation so I understand this sense of silence that brings calmness to the soul.

  11. Gorgeous Sherri - I love the new look of your blog. What template are you using?

    1. Hi Geri, I haven't changed my look in several years - so I had to look up my template! looks like I used "Simple". And thank you very much!

  12. Somehow missed seeing this great photo, and also, Sherri, as always, I love love love your poem! You have got so much talent!