Friday, December 7, 2012

Winged, Spun, and Stung

fall through the window

I'm linking up today with the Reflections of You blog and their weekly prompt "5 on Friday". The one good thing that comes of getting older is self-acceptance. After half a century on this planet, here are five conclusions I've come to:

1. I accept my quirkiness and am even happy with those things that set me apart.

2. I embrace my solitary, contemplative self and the fact that I'm completely content to find joy inside my words and colors.

3. I like my brain that constantly seeks poetic meanings in nature and every day moments.

4. I love that I see my everyday world with an artist's eye. My creativity is what fuels me on a daily basis, even if my feelings of inadequacy sometimes step in and stop me from acting on it. That's a work in progress...we never stop battling our insecurities.

5. My introversion is as much a part of me as my eye color, and I've discovered that this trait presents itself as firmly in the blog world as it does in real life. Attempting to run this blog in an extroverted way doesn't work and leaves me anxious and uncomfortable...I've realized how inauthentic it is and have happily come full circle to what I am: a quiet, unassuming blog introvert with a small circle of blog friends who are dear to me. What a relief it is to have this revelation, to sit with it and know that it's who I am and how I should conduct myself.


I am jotting down little things
Winged, spun, and stung
Nestled things jarred free
Like a blown down sparrow's nest

I am the early owl, the naive fox,
The solemn flock of robins, the
Blackbird jauntily whistling

I am a light in the eye, like
The soul's firefly, flickering
In the dark of dusk's woods

I am a vibrant, fluttering
Kite against gray skies and
A kohl-smudged horizon

I am the rosy tint of sunrise
Highlighting the waking trees
Till they're italicized

I am memories scampering
Like a spooked and dappled fawn
Hiding in the blazing maples

I am the clouds that collide
Into majestic, steel mountains
Wearing their weight like armor

I am these words that come to me
And my heart rests in the glow of them
Like stars gazing into the lake
At their reflection.

© Sherri Brannon


  1. oh Sherri, I think your quirkness is what makes you this special person you are.

    This photo is amazing. It looks like something we would see in an old cathedral...

  2. Sherri! hello! nice post, nice poem and that photo is very intriguing. When it first popped up I saw it but was reaching my first commenting ppls first. then had to get back here and stare and consume it. so nice. THANK YOU.

  3. Very lovely thoughts - quirkiness is one of the things I find most special about people, places, things. Blogging as an introvert in an extroverted world often makes me second guess myself. It can be difficult to stay true to myself. And wow - I love your photo!

  4. what a beautiful poem, Sherri! and the picture is just outstanding!

  5. Oh Sherri, I can totally relate, especially to 1,2,4 &5...a beautiful shot, love the interesting composition and colours important to find your own rhythm with blogging and I'm glad to hear your words :)

  6. your words are lovely. thank you for sharing!

  7. Sherri, this is so wonderful to read! Love the picture!

  8. What a wonderful photograph!

    I found you through the link up!

  9. As I read your 5 'revelations'....I could have sworn you are talking about me here. Each and every one - I totally relate to..and especially being an introvert in an extroverted blogging world!!! the glowing image!

  10. Hi Sherri, thank you for your sweet words on my blog - and taking me here to your wonderful universe of words, pictures and thoughts! I can relate to your 5 thoughts ... Your poem - I dwell in the words that create images and reflections...

  11. Love your 5 thoughts, Sherri, beautifully written !
    And that picture is wonderful !
    Nice week,

  12. Visiting you from 5 on Friday and so happy to find you! As one introvert to another, I can empathize with the struggle for self-acceptance. But isn't it grand once you get there? Lovely poem, too.

  13. Fabulous photo, and I completely agree about getting older. More self acceptance has been my favorite thing about it! :)

  14. Great Self Reflection Sherri. The best part is accepting ourselves the way we are and being happy.

  15. Love that photo. Wonderful post, Thanks.

  16. thank you Sherri for your nice words!

  17. Sherri, I totally understand about being an introvert. I am one too! It took me a while to figure that out and I am so much more comfortable with myself now :) I love being an introvert!
    Beautiful poem as always.