Tuesday, November 8, 2011


ivy and brick

This past Saturday, I ventured down an alley in a small town near me and captured this beautiful shot on the back of a building. I was drawn in by the beautiful ivy, both the lush green and the dead brown leaves. The blue, peeling paint on the brick wall only added to the gorgeous texture. It's interesting to me that store fronts are often pristine from the front, yet if you walk to the back they are untended because they are "unseen" by the public eye. The flawed, imperfect part of the building is the most beautiful in my eyes...it has so much more character.

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  1. Makes me think of this old small-town "grocery" store where I would walk to when I was little to buy baseball cards. The side wall had this huge old "Drink Coca-Cola" sign painted on it. The store closed long ago, but you could see the faded sign for years.